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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Newchic | Getting The Perfect Fit

Today I will sharing with you about all the amazing bras that I have found on Newchic that can give you the perfect fit, it's the perfect site with new, stylish and affordable clothing pieces. This post will have a whole list of different styles of bras you can find on Newchic, I simply love the varieties of bras available at a pretty affordable rate. 

 Firstly, it will be this soft push-up adjustable thin bras| I absolutely love the beautiful design and the jewels at the front make it look unique, it's even better that it comes in different color choices of black/pink/sky blue/wine red etc. It's available only at an affordable rate of $14.39, you can find it over at Hot Breathable Adjustable Printed Bra

Next up, I am sure there are lots of people raving about the popular sticky bra that can provide support and it's the perfect thing to wear with backless dress and it's even great for providing the lift that you want for your outfit. In Newchic, it's price only at $6.90 and you can find it in different color and designs on their website. Get yours now: Sexy Stick Front Silicon Bra

Bralette tops that can be wore as a simple bra or with an outer wear and denim shorts, the design of the bralette top is simply adorable and I love the chic casual fashion feel that it gives off. Newchic offers the perfect measurement methods on their site, which can help you determine the bust and band measurement correctly which is really helpful for online buyers. 

Lastly, another perfect bra that caught my attention will be this demi bra which is strapless and perfect for the wedding dresses or even off-shoulder blouse, the design of this demi bra is vintage and classy with a 0.1cm padding included inside so it can provide the perfect boost yet makes you look really great at the same time! 

Thank you for reading! So I hope you can find your perfect fit over at Newchic (: x have a lovely day ahead of you. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

FashionMia | Perfect For All Sizes

Hey! It's getting harder to find clothing pieces for all sizes but with FashionMia, it's a clothing store that has clothing in different sizes selling at an affordable prices, with great selection of clothing. First up, I found this elegant piece of V Neck feather prints bodycon dress which has the perfect shade of blue and white. It can be wore for any dinner and party event, absolutely stunning pieces. You can get it over at their cute plus size dresses 

Another dress that looks absolutely lovely will be this office slit color block dress, I think this is perfect to let the curve falls over at the right places! Perfect dress for office or formal wear, I think it can even goes well for a simple night out, the best dress for all occasion. Get yours over at : Office Slit Color Block Dress

Lastly, this amazing chic heart shape floral dress is such a beaut! This shade of blue matches so well with the prints and I absolutely adore the cutting of the dress, which is perfect for picnic or a date! Get yours now: Lovely Chic Heart Shape Dress

Next up, as I was browsing through their website I also chanced upon their cheap plus size top which comes in different design. It's a great place for people to look for tops that can fit them well for any occasion! So hurry over and doll yourself up with FashionMia for this autumn season! 

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day ahead of you x

Friday, October 13, 2017

Yoins Fashion | Changing Season

This amazing autumn season, the perfect time to dress up in cute sweaters, drink hot cocoa and cuddle. Are you still worrying about where to get your autumn clothing for this season? Look no further, Yoins has the cutest collection ever for this autumn season and it even comes with free worldwide shipping so it's absolutely a great steal ! I will be sharing with you some of my favorite pieces from Yoins, so let's get started : 

Firstly, it will be this adorable High Neck Random Leaf Print Chiffon Cami Top. I love the simple leaf prints which looks super calming, I think it'd be a great piece to wear with a cardigan. It combine both the feels of summer and autumn season, with the changing season it'd be great to wear something of a vibrant color. You can get it over at : Women Cute Tops Online for only $19.51. 

Next, if you are into cozy sweaters like me then this light pink off shoulder bat wing sleeves random point floral sweater will be perfect for you! It looks super adorable with the rose prints, this shade of pastel pink also perfect to wear with any jeans, shorts or even when you're cuddling up at home with hot cocoa. I think it'd make the perfect outfit choice for autumn, you can get it over at : Fashion Women Sweater Online , at $41.90 only. 

So what do you think about this two adorable top that I picked out from Yoins? Ain't it the most perfect autumn pieces ever? To find out more amazing sweaters, you can check out Yoins for more. 

Thank you for reading x 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Get Fit & Ready With Dresslily

I am so in love with Dresslily's activewear! I think working out can be more than just about exercising, it can also be about great workout fashion which absolutely motivate me to workout harder and look forward to my next gym session. I gotten a few activewear's items from Dresslily, consisting of the geometric print bra and pants set as seen above which you can get it over at : Geometric Bra Set for only $23.79 for both the sports bra x pants which is a great deal, it's super stretchy and comfortable! 

 Other than that, I also gotten a simple black stripes bra and a cute nude color hoodie to pair along with my daily workout's outfit. The hoodie remind me of robin hood which is super adorable, I love the simple cut out that makes it easier to perform cardio / weight training. The black bra is super comfy as well and super chic and nevertheless it's becoming part of my daily gym wear! Get yours over at : Stripe Trim U Neck Padded Bra ($11.48) and Long Sleeve Open Front Hoodie ($13.25) 

If you are into activewear as well, I definetely recommend you to check out Dresslily's activewear section for a wide range of activewear! You can literally find anything there, super comfy and worth the price! Thank you for reading, have a lovely day ahead of you x 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Autumn Get Ready With Zaful

Hello! Autumn is finally here, perfect weather to cuddle, stay home with warm cocoa and watch a perfect film! The season which you can't do without some comfortable sweater, I have my favorite pick of sweater from Zaful which comes in a range of design. First up, I have with me over here the rose brown zipped sweater which look super lovely. It's my first ever brown color clothing item and I gotta admit it took me by surprise at how perfect it looks, super calm and I just love the texture of the sweater. 

Other than sweater, I also picked out some casual off-shoulder top as well to stock up for other season and for my beach trip which happens from time to time. Over here, I have the off-shoulder drawstring crop top in red and I received lots of positive feedback when I am wearing this top. It's super adorable and I love the vibrant color of this top, it can be wore as a simple summer top or even as a bikini top pairing it with bikini bottoms. 

Next up, I have gotten another sweater in pink which is super ultra adorable. I am usually not a big fans of pink color but this is too cute, I love that it's the kind of pastel pink and not the in your face kind of pink which is comforting to the eyes. It's super comfy, I wore it whenever I am at home especially when the weather is gloomy and this pink just helps to lighten up my mood. 

The next clothing item which is the Stripes Belted Floral Embroidered Casual Dress, something that I have been eyeing for awhile! I am so in love with the cutting of the dress and the chic feel to it, it fits like a glove and it can be wore either as a simple tie dress or as a jacket! 

What do you think of my Zaful's Autumn Hauls? For more pictures, you can check out my Instagram : Birdie Liau or the video below for a close up for some of the items. More hauls posts will be coming right up, featuring Dresslily and RoseGal! 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dresslily Review

I am super happy to review about Dresslily beautiful dresses, I picked out two outfits from their tea length dresses collection and bring it over for my short Krabi trip! It was super fun and this two outfit definitely fits the theme of my travel, it's super angelic and beautiful. I love how the dress flows well and it's super comfortable, I had such a fun time trekking over at the Emerald Pool during my Krabi trip (1.4km walk) and I made it there with this dress so rest assure the quality is perfect and the design is absolutely splendid.   

Here's my second outfit, it's a simple top from Dresslily which is super comfortable and perfect for the summer season. I battle under the hot sun and humid weather with this wonderful white blouse, it's the perfect cover to wear to the beach around with a simple denim shorts/ beach shorts! I absolutely love both the items I received from Dresslily. To find out more, you can check out their tea length dresses section for more! Thank you for reading, have a lovely day ahead of you! 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Back To School With Zaful

I am super happy to review all the amazing clothes from Zaful since school is going to start in a bit for you guys, it'll be wonderful to get all the pretty Back To School Clothing from Zaful to fill up your wardrobe for this semester! Here's some of the pieces, I wore during my short 5 days 4 nights Krabi| Thailand. In the above picture, I wore their bikini button from Zaful and it's just super comfortable and flattering, you can find out more from their Back To School Clothing section for a wide selection of bikinis!

Here's another amazing off shoulder floral dress which I absolutely love, I wore it on the first day during my trip and it's so comfy even during the flight and I just love the simple design that seems to scream summer with the perfect combination of blue and white floral design. You can find out more: Floral Print Long Dress

Another one of my favorite will be this crotchet flower blue midi dress, I always wanted to try out this kind of dress and it usually comes in either red or white but I am so thrill to find out that Zaful actually have this crotchet dress in blue and size that I want. Can't believe I actually hike up 1237 steps in this crotchet dress and survive, this dress is super comfortable and just fit my body shape perfectly. Find out more: Cami Crochet Flower Midi Dress

Here's some of my favorite pick from their Back To School Clothing! Firstly, it'll be this Palm Leaf Print Padded Bikini Set which is super adorable and who won't like Palm Leaf? It screams out summer and it's the perfect casual bikini for your photos, you can get it over at Back To School for $13.49!

Next, another outfit that caught my eyes will be this V Shaped Back Ruffles Strap Flare Dress! I absolutely love the color and the simple design that flow so beautifully and it's absolutely the perfect daily dress that can be wore for any occasion | dinner | date | school | night out. Get yours now over at their Back To School , for only $13.49. 

That's all for today! Hope you guys enjoy the post, if you wanna see a video review of all my Zaful Haul : you can check it out below on my YouTube / Instagram. Have a lovely day ahead of you