Friday, July 5, 2013

Wavy Beach Hair

So due to the hot weather recently, I have decided to bun my hair up everyday. It's actually more cooling and the hair won't fly and distract me while I'm doing other stuff, it's so easy to make yet look so elegant. I like to do the messy bun cause it's the easiest for me. 

So while I'm doing hair bun everyday, I realize that after I let down my hair. The hair become natural soft curl that look wavy and I absolutely love this look, my hair is naturally straight with a little bit of wave but the bun make my hair more wavy and it's a good hair style to go to the beach and especially for the summer. 

Like while you're at home, doing housework, homework or anything you can bun up the hair and when you're going out, just let down the bun and it'd become wavy hair with a little bit of water needed to tame it if it gets too voluminous. Best thing about this hairstyle is that, you can even sleep with the bun and it prevent the hair from poking into your eyes or gets in your face while you're sleeping, bonus point for bun hair! 

This is the result of my bun hair, I love the soft curl not too voluminous and it's just nice plus if you have dyed hair like mine. It'll give the dye hair a very nice messy look finish which I personally love. 

So what do you think? (: 



  1. Wow... beautiful hair style... I like it!! Nice dress :) and yes... we can follow each other... so, I am following you on bloglovin.... hope you'll do the same :)

    1. Thank you(: I followed you back already! x

  2. Your hair is so pretty!