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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Honey Cremé

Can't seem to control my shopping spree this month! Just bought another skirt recently and decided to wear it out today, even though I already have a few black skirt but I still decided to get this one cause it have the school uniform kind of feel with the nice and tidy fold! So it's actually different from a normal skater skirt which made me want to get it! 

The total outfit consist of a grey crop top with the fold up skirt along with a checkered jacket to complete the layering look! I added a belt to the skirt cause it was a bit too loose for me, being losing weight lately and it's just annoying! In order to gain lots of weight, my friend and I decided to try out the new store in town " Honey Creme" located at 313 somerset near the taxi stand! 

The queue was overwhelming, we spend like 30-40 minutes there queuing! And it's absolutely unbearable cause it's located outside so I'm already sweating like mad by the time I got my honey Creme soft ice cream. The price for the soft ice-creams from this store range from 4.90 to around 7.90 , I gotten the honey comb soft ice cream which cost SGD 5.90! It's kind of okay, it's basically soft ice cream with flavors along with the topping of your choice! I saw people that get the popcorn flavor and cotton candy flavor which is cute! 

But the store looks pretty adorable and cute (: and the services are great!! Absolutely something to try out during a hot weather! 

Thanks for reading (: 


  1. Pretty outfit!! I love the checkered jacket and how it adds a pop of color. I totally agree that you can't have enough black skirts!! I wear mine all the time, especially at work!


    Looks by Lau

  2. Love your outfit, so cute and chic, the shoes are so so pretty :)


  3. Uh oh. You might be broke by the end of this month :) I love the new find!

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  4. Very cute!

    - Sarah :)

  5. aww so cute and your outfit is like you too <3

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