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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day2 : Circular Quay, Sydney.

Went to the Circular Quay on the next morning, the weather is really windy just seems like the perfect weather to walk around. The circular Quay have the famous place like The Rocks, Sydney Opera House and Luna's ThemePark. 

The Cadmans Cottage, very cute and adorable. Wanted to snap some photos there but the sun was too bright so the photos turned out looking a little bit funny~ 

The famous wall in The Rocks area, with 3 different sides. Each featuring different things, find it super artistic and lovely.

How their street look like, there are just so many little small alleys and ways to explore. Each bring me to different cafés or museum for sight seeing ❤️ 

Wearing a simple white off shoulder bow blouse to match with their vintage scenery to get the best outfit shots ❤️ . If I can I will actually wear different outfits there everyday and take photos with different cafés and background~ 

Tried their must try pancake store at The Rocks area, you can find it : 4 Hickson Road Sydney. The queue there is quite long so you might wanna make reservation first before going. 

Their pancake portion is really big but it's very tasty, love the strawberry cause it's so fresh and the vanilla ice cream just make everything taste like unicorn+candy floss. 

Then we took the ferry to Luna's ThemePark which cost around $12 for return trip. Their ferry ride is around 15-20 minutes but we get to see the beautiful Sydney Bridge and some of their infrastructure. 

Everything just look so photo worthy there so pardon me for the photo spam in this post. But I can ensure you, it's very good for the eyes :D 

Welcome to Luna Park, it's the only ThemePark in Sydney! We didn't get to play there cause it's like pay per ride which is different from the usual ThemePark and it's actually quite pricey, around $10 per ride ? So we decided to get candyfloss there, it's so huge and not to mention VERY sweet. 

Kissing with the candyfloss. Muacks~ 

This ThemePark is good for like young kids to play the carousel rides and play those token game in which you can win soft toy but that's kind of not my kind of thing. >): 

Sydney Opera House have only one description, it's flooded with tourist and it's so overrated. I guess this is like the best tourist attraction place, there are like so many people there that it's hard to take a decent photo without including other people in your photo. 

Overall, it's a lovely day spent around this place exploring different parts of Circular Quay. Best place to tour in will absolutely be The Rocks, there are different cafés to try out that it's hard to get bored there. 

Ended off our day with a lovely dinner at an Italian Restaurant near Sydney TowerEye with Spaghetti and Prawn Pizza. 

Thank you for reading (: , DAY 3 in Sydney will be up soon! 


  1. I have always wanted to go there - I hear the sights are stunning! Hope you are having a lovely time!


  2. Looks so beautiful!

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