Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Christmas Hauls From Althea

Hey! Christmas is coming up soon, in less than a month. So I started my beauty shopping through this amazing website that I discovered : Althea Korea , I live in Singapore and the choices of Korean make up are quite limited around here but through this website I can get Make-up from Korea for a lesser price and there are so many varieties to choose from!
Althea Korean Beauty Cosmetics offered make-up & beauty items from 19 different brands: 3 Concept Eyes, Trendy Items, Innis-Free, Etude House, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, Too Cool For School, Banila and lots more which you can check out over here: Althea Korea . There are currently  having Christmas Promotion so prices will be reduce and I have a secret deal for you guys, read till the end to find out what it's!

What attracted me to this shopping website will be that currently for new-sign up, we can get $10 off our purchase? So it's literally like FREE $10 to buy any beauty items, quite a lot of items over there are less than $10 or $10 like the lipstick, loose powder from Tony Moly! With this $10 credit, I can even get to purchase mask for free! Absolutely the best deal ever.
I purchased 4 items from Althea Beauty, the first item on my shopping list is the Tony Moly Finish Loose Powder Face Mix! This item only cost $10 so it's like the best buy to try out the product without over-spending.
The usual price : $14 but in Althea Beauty, it only cost like $10!
Tony Moly Loose Powder

A girl will never have enough BB Cream, my BB Cream ran out so quickly! So I decided to purchase this Etude House Blooming Fit BB Cream from Althea as it only cost $16.20 here while the usual price at retail store : $18-$20 ! After seeing the price difference, I just gotta purchase this BB Cream!
Etude House Blooming Fit

This is absolutely something new, I have never seen this in retail store around Singapore! This W-Honey Beam Cushion have such good reviews in Korea that I got to give it a try plus it's the editor pick of the month. Never miss the chance to try out something new, it's amazing that I can get something from Korea itself without visiting Korea.
Price: $18.00 (Usual Price: $40.00)
W-Honey Beam Cushion

My final purchase will be the InnisFree JeJu Sparkling Mineral Mist! This mineral mist is always something that I wanted to try out because of its amazing smell and I always watched video about how the right mist can help the make-up shine and look better, with this amazing deal over at Althea selling it only @ $14.40 I just have to buy it because the usual price of this item at retail store is really expensive!

For those who read till the end, thank you for taking your time to read! Here's a good secret treat for my readers (YOU) to pamper yourself this Christmas : 

  1. There are currently Free Shipping with purchases above S$30
  1. Get another S$7 off S$50 purchases with code XMAS-SG 
  1. Limited Edition Christmas Beauty Box (while stocks last)

So hurry up, head over to Althea Korean Beauty now to start your Christmas Shopping! Althea Korea


  1. Omg I will check out these products!

  2. These products look so amazing! They also sound amazing. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  3. I've never used Korean makeup or skincare products before, but have heard so many great things about them! They do have a reputation of taking their beauty regimens to the next level, so I certainly understand why! I have to try and get my hands on some products, thanks for sharing these :)

    Have a wonderful day, beauty!



  4. I love BB cream!

  5. All of the packaging of these are so pretty! I'm unfamiliar with the brands, so sorry that's the best I can come up with comment wise! Happy holiday season! XO

  6. Amazing, thanks for sharing :)



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  8. Ohh there are so many fun beauty finds to try here! I never heard of this store either! :)

  9. These products look amazing! Great post x


  10. Wow,you live in Singapore!I've always wanted to visit.I love how these products look.So pretty and eye catching.

  11. This sounds amazing! Great post! I work with a lot of people in Singapore from over here in the US. I want to visit some day!

  12. Amazing products!


  13. I've never tried any Korean makeup before, though there's no denying how pretty the packaging is! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Hehe thank you, yes! The packaging sure looks really pretty and cute .x

  14. This haul looks so good!

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