Monday, April 18, 2016

Sephora x Korea New Collection

Hello! I guess almost all my readers here have heard of and used Sephora to purchase your favorite cosmetic before. Recently, Sephora came up with a whole new collection and introduce a lot of other brands as well in their store! It's the Sephora x Korea series and I am glad I am able to share with you guys some of their new products! So let's get started:  

Wonderful Cushion Foundation

The "Wonderful Cushion" series, it's Sephora first ever cushion foundation. It comes with a cushion and it's very easy to apply make-up with this foundation since you don't have to dirty your hands with foundation anymore. This is the first product that I tried out among all the products I received since it's my first ever time seeing Sephora Cushion Foundation so it's indeed very tempting & mysterious. 

Review: It's a very thick texture so it can actually last for very long in a day, it create the smooth effect on face and can actually be build on without looking cakey. 

As for the skin tone wise, it's more neutral and looks natural. 

Overall, it provide good coverage (which I really like) 

You can find out more: Sephora Wonderful Cushion Series

Wonderful Cushion Lip Cream 

Next, the "Wonderful Cushion Lip" . This lip stick is so unique? Like I am so surprised when I use the matte lipstick, it doesn't look like other lip tint or lipstick however it looks like a cushion lip? 

I have been using it regularly for my daily make-up because I really love the color, I gotten mine in #05 which is the wonderful red and it goes well with my daily make-up. 

Review: The design itself is really cute, with this lipstick it allow me to create the ombre lip which is a trend in korea or a total full lip!

It's a matte lip cream so it's really matte that's I can ensure you so it last pretty long, however if you want to create that dewy lip look then some lip balm to go along will be nice. 

You can find out more: Sephora Wonderful Cushion Series

Wonderful Cushion Blush Cream 

Another adorable idea from Sephora to create a cream blush with the cushion feature to allow the application to be easy and simple, I am absolutely in love with the cushion design throughout the whole series. I gotten mine in the #04 Punchy Lychee color, it's more of the orange pink kind of feel. 

Review : When I first try to apply it on my face, I kind of squeeze a little too much and it makes me look like a drunk girl with too much blush but yeah it's cute. But overall, the application is very simple and on the go! The blush can last throughout the day and it gives a healthy feel to my make-up. 

If you want to check out the product: Wonderful Cushion Series


  1. That lipstick looks really cute and the color is very beautiful!


  2. What a cool collection! I didn't even know Sephora had this collaboration. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. This is so cool, I haven't been to Sephora in ages

  4. I love Sephora makeup line
    This seems nice.

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  5. This is really pretty! Love the lip colour x

  6. I have actually never shopped at Sephora but I have heard its an amazing place!

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  7. I've been really wanting to get in on the Korean beauty trend, so I'll defo have a look on Sephora!

  8. Beautiful products dear! I love sephora!
    Much love, Pisa

  9. Your makeup looks gorgeous hun! The cushion lipstick sounds really interesting

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  10. The packaging is cute, I would love to try their cushion products :)


  11. You look so cute! awesome that the makeup products are easy to apply.

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  12. Thank you for sharing, i just love that lipcolor <3

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