Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas's Month

Hey guys! It's the amazing X'mas season again, December is finally here. Super excited for it, counting down to 25th of December. So what's my plan for this year Christmas, I wanna get some cozy time with my family, friends and boyfriend. At the age of 20, it's not just about partying anymore- for me spending quality time is better than getting high for a few hours and getting super tired the next day. (But I'd love to do that once in awhile) Probably I will get high from the overload of sugar from the chocolate X'mas cake and Christmas drinks during my family X'mas party. It's a pity that Singapore doesn't snow during Christmas, it's literally like having X'mas without the snow and the chilly weather which rule out snuggling under the blanket with hot cocoa and warm socks. 

This season is also about "giving" to people that I care about, so here comes the headache despite me liking to give gift to people that I love and show them that I care about them but I literally suck at planning what to get, I have literally no idea what will be the best gift for anyone. I will probably end up buying something that only look cute but doesn't have any usefulness to it, (meh) I just hope I can get something meaningful for everyone. Time to do my X'mas list, buying gift can be such fun since it gives me reason to shop again. But I totally have to keep it under control, I have been shopping every week and my closet is getting out of control. 

Other than the shopping for gifts, I should probably google some recipes to learn how to bake some nice Christmas cookies. Baking just seems like so much fun, getting them ingredients and making magic to turn them into wonderful cookies that look like snowman and Christmas trees. But it doesn't seems to always turn out the way I expected it to, let's just hope it doesn't end up getting burned or getting out of shape. 

Oh Ohhhh! I can never finish this post without mentioning about beautiful X'mas decoration, I'd love to decorate my house with magical looking candles and some cute design that scream Christmas. It'd be lovely to be able to take tons of photos in my room with all them pretty decorations. Let's hope that X'mas will be as pretty as I planned them out to be. 

Thank you for reading my tiny space, rumbling on about X'mas. See you guys soon~ 


  1. Love this post! Happy first of December to you :)


  2. Happy December!

    Emma ♥

  3. Cozy time with family is the best! I know how you feel about not having snow, but on the up side you won't freeze! Hope you have a great Holiday season ahead.

    Much Love,