Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 -2017

"Every morning tell yourself that you are getting better and better"

2016 has been one hell of a ride for me, I have tried so many new things, meet so many new people, travel to new places and attend new events. So where should I even begin this post? One new thing that I have tried this year would be clubbing and attending music festival, it's one of the best decision ever. I used to heard so much about clubbing and when I finally got the chance to try it for myself as a legal adult, it's so much fun. The music, dancing and getting high with alcohol, is part of growing up. Ultra-music festival was super lit, an all-day event- it literally felt like people bond through music and I met a few friendly stranger over at UMF as well. Despite getting them mud in my shoes due to the rainy weather during UMF, it's an absolute fun-filled experience that I'd love to re-live that moment over & over again.

Another highlight would be to get invited as a blogger to Sephora's event (press-event, high-tea with the founders and ion's opening) , it literally felt like dream come true. Sephora has always been my favourite cosmetic store to visit, it was a lot to take in when they invited me to attend the event, try out their new products and meeting all the bloggers as well. This definitely help me to outgrow my shyness and make me learn so much about the beauty x fashion industry which I am interested in.

2016 is also the year where I spend more quality time with my family, travelling with them to different countries like: China (Shanghai) , Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand (Bangkok) and (Phuket) has been perfect. I am just so grateful to have a place I can call home and family that I can always come home to, we always have so much fun travelling, as I grow older- I realized the importance of family time (I used to be the teenager that love to hang-out till midnight before getting home and only spend a few hours at home) but now I'd love to spend some of my weekend time to accompany my parent to have some chit-chat over tea.

Another memorable thing of 2016-2017 would be my very best-friends whom I have known for over 6-7 years. They are people that I really treasure and keep close to my heart, we don't need to meet daily but when we meet -there are just endless talking about different stuffs happening in our life and it's just so fun-filled, I am really grateful to have know them and have them in my life!

Other than that, I am also grateful to have known new friend and people along the way which I also enjoy my time with you guys! It's just amazing how many new people can enter into our life every-year, there are also people that I have grown apart and lost contacts with- it's definitely upsetting at first but I realize that I just need to let things be. There are a reason why you enter into my life but didn't get to stay, you're here to teach me something valuable and I am grateful for that as well.

"I guess this is a part of growing up, going to different places - ending up in different chapters - different places. "

Another memorable point of my 2016, would be with him. He's like my boyfriend, best-friend and brother. Even though we might not know what will happen after graduation since we are both going to different places in the world, and we are too young to settle since we have so much more to learn as individual when we part to different path in our life but I am grateful that we got to spend this 3 years together - you make me learn so much about relationship, friendship and life.

2016 is also the year which I switch up my hair-style x hair-colour so very often, I go from black long hair to brown hair to golden hair and then blonde short-hair. I just can't settle to one single colour, it just doesn't seems to excite me to settle for anything in life.

Another highlight would be to open my own lingerie store, many people advise against it and some supported my ideas but I still made it! It's super exciting to do something that I always wanted to do, getting a store of my own and doing what I love which is related to fashion. Lingerie can be a fashion as well, that speak so much about women and it can be a great way to boost confidence - look good and feel good on the inside out! I just hope that the store will continue to thrive in the year of 2017 and I aim to provide the best products and experiences to all my customers. This is one of the best risks that I have taken this year and I have no regrets over it.

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I can't wait to see what 2017 would be like, what changes will occur and what new hair colour I am going to try out. I guess that's that for my 2016-2017 post, there are so many things to write down but I am just summing up a few that I remembered.  Thank you for reading and Happy New Year x


  1. You guys are adorable and I hope you figure out what to do when you both move.

    Emma ♥

  2. Nice writing, so great that you had a good 2016 <3

    xoxo, Best Wallets for Women 2016