Friday, October 20, 2017

FashionMia | Perfect For All Sizes

Hey! It's getting harder to find clothing pieces for all sizes but with FashionMia, it's a clothing store that has clothing in different sizes selling at an affordable prices, with great selection of clothing. First up, I found this elegant piece of V Neck feather prints bodycon dress which has the perfect shade of blue and white. It can be wore for any dinner and party event, absolutely stunning pieces. You can get it over at their cute plus size dresses 

Another dress that looks absolutely lovely will be this office slit color block dress, I think this is perfect to let the curve falls over at the right places! Perfect dress for office or formal wear, I think it can even goes well for a simple night out, the best dress for all occasion. Get yours over at : Office Slit Color Block Dress

Lastly, this amazing chic heart shape floral dress is such a beaut! This shade of blue matches so well with the prints and I absolutely adore the cutting of the dress, which is perfect for picnic or a date! Get yours now: Lovely Chic Heart Shape Dress

Next up, as I was browsing through their website I also chanced upon their cheap plus size top which comes in different design. It's a great place for people to look for tops that can fit them well for any occasion! So hurry over and doll yourself up with FashionMia for this autumn season! 

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day ahead of you x

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  1. Those plus-size fashions from FashionMia are gorgeous!!! I love the looks of all of of the different outfit pieces shown here and on their website! The dresses, tops and floral printed swimsuits all look beautiful.