Monday, July 22, 2013

Birdie's Theory - Party Survivor 101

I have decided to come up with my own weekly post about other stuff like relationship, party , personal issues etc. So I will update it weekly about different topics and stuff , hope you guys will like it and if there's any changes needed do let me know. x

Summer Break means the beginning of all those parties late at night and almost all different types of party. Some you may LOVE while some you may HATE, cause it's just plain boring. So I am going to share about :


: It's a party season, but some can be downright dull so if you're at those situations here's some tips on how to survive a boring party.

1) Bring a friend , having someone that you actually know and are comfortable with makes the party easier and more bearable plus you can always use that time to catch up with old pals which made the party lots more fun and less boring. x

2) Be prepared, show up with backup party supplies like sparklers , bubble gun etc. This totally will spice things up and make everyone feel much more at ease and relax plus with this you can use the time to make new friends and take tons of photos.

3) True or Dare, what's party without games ?! Playing the game will break the ice and get people going to get more comfortable with each other which make it a jolly good time and it'll be the best excuses to talk to your crush at the party (Bonus point)

4) Get the music going , get the music flowing and bounce up and down to it and you will never know which cute person you're going to meet at the dance floor there's just tons of opportunity in these and it'll prevent making awkward conversations.

5) Chubby Bunny, yes you got that right! What's party without a little food competition, it'll be a nice way to get the thing going and you can even snap funny photos of your friend during the party.

If all else fail , just engage with your phone it'll always be there to save up by playing games, using the internet, instagram , twitter even blog and maybe you'd find someone with common topics by playing the same game.

So what do you guys think ? (: Leave me questions below relating any of the topics and I will answer them by posting blogpost about relating topics next week. x




  1. I also love the partys welcome party!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    lots of kisses

    1. Your welcome (: and thank you too! xx

  2. You've a great blog dear!!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm follwing you now via GFC and bloglovin:) cheers!!! i hope you do the same ..

    wish you a great day!!


    1. Aww sure (: I'll follow you back. xx

  3. This its great birdie good concept for your blog love it and yes always be prepare for a party.

  4. I totally agree with all your advice. :) x

  5. Great advice!


  6. HAHA chubby bunny! Have never heard of that!!

    Cat xx

    1. Haha :P that's a game where you stuff as many marshmallow as possible into your mouth! It's really cute!! xx

  7. This post is fab! Great idea behind it