Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Break

While everyone is having their summer break I'm still having school and only have a week break to study so it's actually not a break, cons of studying in a private school. 

But during this summer break, I went to lots of places like Forever 21 , H&M, TopShop, Zara and Cotton on to shop for my clothes. As for my makeup, Sephora will be the paradise. The best thing about the break is, we have GSS sales where everything become cheaper which make shopping even more enjoyable. 

I gotten some tops , dresses and some make up essential. I don't usually buy shorts cause I'm quite comfortable with what I already have. 

One of the few hauls I absolutely love will be this ombre summer dress from H&M. 
I love the gradient of the color which make it just right, combination of orange and yellow. It actually came without a belt but I decided to add a belt to define the waistline more, it can actually be wear without one. 

Another clothes that I fall in love with this summer will be this flowery jumpsuit. It's very casual and the color make it very vibrant for summer which fits all the beach wear and endless summer day. If I'm heading to colder place, I'll pair it with a black cardigan. 

I shall end it off here. x 

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