Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Favourite workout videos

Since it's July and I am totally into working out , I feel like sharing with you guys few of my favorite workout videos which is totally helpful and do what it state to do. I tried tons of workout videos before, mainly from website like " YouTube" and some of those other DVDs I borrowed them from my local library. I am so blessed to have library that cater their whole section to workout videos, one of my few favorite place to visit.

I am now into " Jillian Michaels 6 weeks abs workout " , it's so good! At first glance , I thought I might not be able to complete the workout cause it look tough but it turned out to be quite comfortable to work with as there have beginner level, intermediate level and advanced version for you to follow in the video. It's separated into 2 parts, level 1 and level 2. It's supposed to be done 3 weeks for each level but after doing the first level for 2 weeks, I gotten kind of bored so I moved on to level 2 and it's harder but attainable.

The workout video give me the result I want, I am seeing those abs showing and my tummy become flatter. The best thing about the video is that it combined high intensity training inside along with cardio which burns fat and get abs at the same time, which made lots of sense as you can't get abs when the fat is covering the abs right ? Try the video out and let me know how it goes, I will include the link and video here.

Another one of my favorite will be popfitsugar 10 minutes workout, it's so good and it's not time consuming! I started out with those workout, they have fun trainer to bring you through the worker that gives motivation and when you won't even know when you finished the workout cause it's so fast but it burn fats and did the purpose too. There have tons of 10 minutes workout video but I will include a few here.

If you preferred something more than 10 minutes, they have this full body 40 minutes workout which is great and some of the workout don't even require equipment at all which benefits those who workout at home without equipment.
Other than all that, I have a few selected favorite DVDs that I like. I will include the title here, you can go look up for it in the store or even library to borrow it.
1) Women's Ultimate Fat Burn by Amy Dixon
2) The Studio by Ellen Barrett
3) The Booty Barre Plus Abs & Arms by Tracey Mallett

I will do a review post for each of the DVDs I mentioned here, do comment and let me know what you think.