Thursday, July 4, 2013

Zebra Dress

The weather is quite sunny and warm today so I decided to wear this zebra dress from H&M, it's very light and the fabric is made out of wonderful material. It's perfect for a hot and sunny day(:

I like how the dress have the string in the middle to tie it around the waist line which make it more define instead of hanging loosely around the body, everything is make out of ultra soft material. It's something that I would love to wear during hot and warm weather as it's sleeveless which make it very airy.

It's just above the knee which is the right length , not too long and not too short. Sometimes long dress can be troublesome too especially if you're going to be walking around for long and personally I find long dress a bit too much for me and it can only be wore by tall people or whenever I am wearing heels cause I am 5'4 .


Let's end off the post here, I will update more about other outfits that I will be wearing the next few upcoming post.



  1. Really nice dress! Would you like to follow each other's blogs with bloglovin? Let me know on my blog :)