Monday, April 14, 2014

BeautyBiotics Collagen Cleanse

Sponsored: SampleStore & BeautyBiotics 

Price: $43/ 65g 

Hi guys, so I'm back with a beauty post! I'm so excited when SampleStore requested me to do a review for them about this product cause it's a really cool cleanse that comes in crystal form and then you add water and it becomes foam! Like it's so cool and exciting, which is unique compared to all the other cleanser. 

The collagen cleanse is a facial cleanser that helps to deeply cleanse and unclogs pores so it's perfect after a long day to ensure that make up and other stuff on your face really gets remove off. (: 

That's how it looks like when I pour it out of the bottle, it's like tiny foaming custal that contains nano-collagen that aids in moisturizing skins, regenerate collagen and prevents aging leaving the skin clean, balanced and feeling revitalized! 

The density is super light and the foam smells great, it doesn't give you the suffocating feeling when you cleanse your face and it feels gentle and good overall! But I'm super lousy when it comes to making foam so I ended up with mild little tiny foams instead! 

It leaves my skin feeling smooth and silky, it definetely moisturize my face and unlike other products I tried it don't give the overly dried feeling and it feels just right! 

Do check out BeautyBiotics Facebook Page at Skin Biotics for more information and updates! If you're interested in getting the product, it can be found exclusively at Watsons! Do head over now and try it out yourself (:


  1. Great review I will want to try the product.

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