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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thoughts on food

Food - Something that keeps me happy, an essential. 

I always have a hard time understanding why I am only allow to eat 3 meals a day: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Whenever I go out, I'll be the one that ask " what are we gonna have for the next meal" even though I just ate something. I think eating is more than just keeping the body functional, it's something that makes me happy. Who cares about the extra calories of the ice cream, chocolate pie, waffles with cream? As long as it makes me happy, I'm gonna eat them. 

So I'm more than happy when I tried out Kraze Burger in Marina Bay Sands (MBS). But I didn't exactly eat the burger there, I ate their spaghetti and it's delicious. 

Pricing: $14-$30 

Actually I wanted to order the kids meal cause it's so adorable, the kids meal comes in 3 different design and it's only $10. But I didn't get the chance to order it but the next time I go, I'll absolutely order the kid meal! 

Will update a Fashion or Beauty post on my next update if possible (: 

Thank you for reading. x 


  1. Fun post!

  2. Looks like there's a lot of people dining at Kraze Burger. :) I love your selfies. You're so kawaii!

    x, shekinahjoy.com

  3. Lovely photos :)