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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Farmart Adventure + OOTD

Farmart : 67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008 

Discovered this Farmart while googling for places to go in Singapore, this farm is located near Choa Chu Kang Mrt station, the bus stop opposite Choa Chu Kang Mrt Bus 975 can take you to the place! 

Super chilling location that doesn't look like it is in Singapore, it's like a short vacation away from all the stress! There are lots of tree and it's away from the bustling city. The best thing about Farmart is that there are lots of activities to do there. 

That's the entrance, looks super cute and welcoming! It's like a mini holiday villa. There are like parrot show, animal feeding place, pet shop, bakery shop, prawning area and a restaurant there. Don't need to be worry about getting lost there cause it's like a square in which everything is connected. 

Parrot show! There are like lots of parrot and birds there, I was a bit scare cause some of the parrot really look fierce so I didn't touch them but here is a close up photo of the bird! 

Puppy from the pet shop, looks super adorable! Absolutely made me think about my puppy that I discovered the other day. 

Prawning! 2nd time trying it out, it cost around $18 per hour for the pole, prawn food and nets. We rented it for an hour, it was a fun experience to try out together. Didn't have much luck with catching prawn, it looks super easy but it was quite hard to catch it! But there are like pros there that catches more than 20 prawns, sigh! But one is better than nothing, prawning is good to sit and chill while talking and cracking funny jokes. 

The prawn can be BBQ there or can bring back to marinate to cook whatever style you want!  

OOTD for the adventure, wore a simple dress and a floral bag to match with the outdoor theme! Dress is the best choice when it's meant for a long day cause it doesn't irritate and it's very cooling for a hot and humid day. 

The floral tote bag is to go along with the dress to create the outdoor bohemian look, tote bag is soft and big enough to put almost everything. It isn't heavy and it's the next best choice compare to a back pack even though back pack is super nice and convenient but for me dress + back pack doesn't seems to go along well together. It just seems so out of the picture, tote bag is the best choice. 

Since it's a going to a farm outing, it's better to wear something simple and adorable to match with the serene environment. 

Thank you for reading the blog-post! Have a lovely day (: 


  1. that looks so much fun! and your outfit is gorgeous

    xx Janelle
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  2. Amazing post!


  3. u had a blast, didnt you??




  4. Lovely adventure and you look great <3

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  5. That's like the zoo!!

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  6. you dress looks gorgeous!


  7. thats a lovely dress doll!


  8. Pretty look! Beautiful place! =)

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  9. Looks like a cool place to be, loving your outfit!