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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Fashion StylePoint

That's my first ootd photo I took for 2015, love how the dress fits perfectly and it's the best outfit to wear for first day of school re-opening. But the main StylePoint of the outfit will be the boots, did you guys notice anything unique about the boots ? 

It's translucent, like it's see through. Found it while trying to shop for my friend birthday present. Absolutely loving it cause can wear different socks to create different feel, definitely my 2015 StylePoint. 

But this boots is so hard to break into and I kind of get a few blister trying to wear it. 

First day of school was okay, just can't get over that my holiday just ended. Now that school has started, it's time to start dolling up and getting new clothes. (: thank you for reading. 

Have you guys started school yet?