Monday, January 5, 2015

99 Percent Nail Studio- Colorful NailArt

Hyped when 99 Percent Nail Studio contacted me to try out their nail services! So I went to their outlet yesterday to get my nails done, usually I don't have enough time to do my nails by myself and I'm not as skillful so it's really an interesting experience to give it a try at 99 percent nail studio.

That's how the store looks like, it consist of hair and nail services. (: super serene and cutely design place.

99 Percent Hair Studio have a whole range of different nail items available-  Gel, nail extension, normal nail polish, decorations and many more. 
They also offer both manicure and pedicure, the pedicure area is so comfortable with the chairs and small pillows. Definitely a place to go after a long day to relax while getting your nails done up. 

That's my set of nails, it's kind of done up according to my style and I'm loving it! My lovely set of nails thanks to Ann, she's so professional and I'm just amazed by how good the nails are. 
I love the personal touch she did which is the part with my name on my nails, super adorable and unique! Can't help but to really love it, it's like who won't want their name on the nails? Everyone should go give it a try and have your own set of personalized nails. 
99 Percent Studio have lots of customers coming in and out so do make sure you make an appointment before you go! (: and rest assure, their appointment system ensure that every customer can have their services when they reach without having to wait long.

The pricing list in case you're wondering how much it'll cost to have their services, it's really worth the price and every month 99 Percent Nail Studio will have a 50% promotion off the promoted nail art set!
My set of nails is the Set C which is $129 that's Gel with creative design! Do head over to give it a try: 

40 HajiLane #02-10 

Contact: 63963667

Site: 99 Percent Hair Studio / 99 Percent Instagram / 99 Percent NailStudio

Do follow them on their instagram and facebook website for more updates. (: 

Facebook: 99 Percent Hair Studio Facebook

 99 Percent Hair & Nail Studio are full of fun and friendly people (: definitely the place you should check out. Really enjoyed my time there and they made me feel at ease there!
Many thanks to the number 1 boyfriend that kept me accompany throughout the whole nail services and taking photos for me (: !!
What kind of nail services do you usually opt for ?


  1. Very artful! Beautiful!


  2. Very pretty and original, love the ombre effect!

    Bella Pummarola

  3. Oh wow these are expensive but they look great, just great. Your blog is so cute! :)

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  4. Wow such cool nails girl!

    xoxo, ♥