Saturday, January 3, 2015

Legoland Adventure

Went to the well-known Legoland during my short vacation in Malaysia! It's like a theme park made out of Lego and all the structure there are build on the concept. It's super adorable and all the building structure are made of Legos? Which is so unbelievably cute. 

The ticket cost: RM 155 which is roughly $60. Super worth the price since the theme park is really big and have lots of fun activities to do. 

Took photo with one of the Legos, it does look lovely and it remind me of a game "Minecraft" . Wore my simple simple white tank top with denim high waisted shorts since it was a day that I needed to walk a lot. People should totally bring sunblock there if they have low tolerance for sun, I ran out of sunblock and my skin kind of get a little red after the trip since the theme park doesn't have much shelter. 

There are just so many little cute Legos there that it literally drained me out trying to take photos at different places. 

But it's a really nice place to go when traveling to Malaysia, to take photos, spent time with people, have fun and explore around little Legos island. Just remember to bring quite a bit of cash since the food there can be quite costly compare to what you can have in other part of Malaysia. (: 

In total, I had fun at Legoland Malaysia. It's a good vacation before the restarting of my school on Jan 7th. (: it's a fun-filled journey and I'll definitely love to have more short vacations with my loved ones. 


  1. Hope your new year is going fantastic!

    1. Thank you (: x I hope you have a fun new year too.

  2. It looks like you had so much fun there!