Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A little reading fun

White x Navy- wearing just a white dress seems like a good idea but playing it up with a navy long sleeve top add a little colors to the whole outfit. This outfit also suit the whole theme of going to a Book Café which I'll talk about later in the post.  

Normal café is fun and interesting to go but a book café seems much better since I'm a book lover. I read about 3-5 books a week and after researching I stumbled upon " The Reading Room Café" , it's just like any other café but with the whole café build to look like a bookstore and you not only can enjoy the solitary of reading book but having high tea at the same time. 

The environment is so serene and I'm just so blown away by the design of the café. There are just uncountable amounts of books and I just love it! We grabbed a few books and started reading after ordering a few snacks, perfect combination!! 

High Cut Fries- $9 
Cold Milk - $6 
Very Berry Smoothies - $7.50 

The services are perfect there, the waitress even asked friendly question like " how are you today?" which made us feel at ease and comfortable there. 

I still remembered how yummy the fries taste, making me crave for some fried food right now. 

We each grabbed a book and started reading them. Afterward, we decided to read the encyclopedia about the world to look at the pictures together. Overall, it's really a fun and interesting day exploring this little reading room café.

Thank you for reading (: