Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Exploring Around Hidden Café

Finding interesting thing to do will always be on my list, I am not the type of person who love routine. All dress up with my floral skirt and off-shoulder top for the day, we went to the Garden By The Bay Bar known as SuperTree Dining. 

Before heading up there, can't help but to take some photos with the flower to keep for my #ootd post. It's absolutely like the best place to snap a few photos since it's all green and natural, perfect background. 

The entrance fees before going to the SuperDining will be $10 or $18. 

$10 consist of Free Juice/ Soda/ Tea/ Coffee 

$18 consist of Free Wine/ Beer

Can dine and see the view at the same time, it's so pretty just that the day we went it's a bit too windy so my hair was like flying everywhere looking so unglam. Nevertheless, it's better than rainy weather or sunny day. 

I think it's definetely worth the price cause the scenery looks really good and it's like a good place to talk and chit-chat. Something interesting as compared to the usual cafés I like to go~ 

Lastly, we ended off the day at Satay By The Bay! Ordering our favorite seafood, squid and the Satay Set! Loving the prawn so much, it's so tasty and blogging about this make me so hungry right now. 

Thank you for reading (: 


  1. Ah the weather looks so good where you live

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  2. such a sweet outfit!!! the food looks amazing!

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