Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Draw It Out

Drawing, something that I used to learn when I'm like 5-8 years old. I used to attend drawing classes weekly when I was young cause there's so much more free time as compared to now. But recently, I decided to pick up this hobby again since it's really fun. 

I went to the library to borrow this book that teaches the readers how to draw small cartoon and animal characters. I was like so excited when I got the book but my friends commented that " why you always learn weird weird things one! " -laugh- that's kind of my style! 

It's like a step by step guide, don't you find it super adorable?! That's my favorite book for now until I find a better one that have cuter cartoon, I will most likely borrow another book that teach such things after I am finish with the current book! 

My masterpiece! It's nothing much but it's kind of like the best I can do for now, I tried to sketch and color all the cartoons below. I think I'll hopefully get better overtime, wanna draw like those pro! 

It's like a good hobby to discover myself and find hidden talents :P ! Another thing that I have been doing will be baking, will be sharing more about that in my future posts. 

Do you have some childhood hobby that you still wanna pick up again? (: why not give it a go! 


  1. Very cute drawings & so fun! Love the last pix! xoxo

  2. It's a really interesting book, sadly I hate drawing


  3. I used to love drawing! I used to always get those cool drawing books from the library and just draw everything in the book. Now I'm not much of a drawer. I'll have to start again sometime soon!

    Alyssa The Runner