Thursday, March 5, 2015

Strawberry Berry Berry

Strawberry Pancake! Haven't had pancake in awhile, the last time I had them it's at the Mac Donald's Breakfast set. So it taste so good when I try this lovely pancake at Buona Vista, Gelaré. Believe it or not but I actually have this as dinner, I really love eating weird food at weird timing. 

This lovely pancake is price only at $5.90 which is super worth the price but the strawberry is far too little away from my imagination. I expected like: 

Haha, I guess I expected too much for a $5.90 pancake! But still, the pancake I had tasted so good! I love the honey syrup and their pancake taste just right~ perfect place to chill since it's quite serene and quiet!!

Glimpse of their menu which consist of ice cream, cakes, waffles, pancakes, finger food and all day breakfast. Ding Ding, a place with all day breakfast will be the best place to be at! 

So there's like so much choice for me to choose but I ended up with pancakes cause of craving. Definetely going back to try their all day breakfast and maybe waffles, not really a big fans of ice cream cause too sweet for me! 

In case you wanna visit this café to try out, you can locate it at: Star Vista Level 4. It's the store beside the flower store(:

Personally, love this kind of café with affordable food so don't have to burn a hole in my wallet even when feasting. 

Thank you for reading(: 


  1. Looking good Birdie <3

    xoxo, ♥

  2. everything looks delicious!