Saturday, March 14, 2015

Marina Bay Sands: Rise Restaurant

Feasting time! Went to Rise Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands for dinner, it's kind of one of my favorite buffet other than carnivore and todai. Usually will dine there when I have staycation at MBS but it taste extra good today! Probably cause I am quite hungry, there's like a whole range of food to choose from: 

It's $68 per person + it's just right downstairs the MBS hotel! Easy to locate and spot. 

# Japanese, Bread, Western, Chinese, Indian Cuisine, Roasted Duck, Turkey, Dessert, Chocokate Fondue and many more. 

For my first plate, I tried out their Japanese food and bread! I know it's like an ultra weird combination cause who eats bread with raw food but yeah I do. Their raw food taste good and very fresh since there's a person that keep tending to the food to ensure that it's good for the consumer to eat! ~ 

Moving on: Vegetables! I mix&match different cuisine together, got the Indian, Chinese and western cuisine. That's what is good about buffet since I am not restricted by menu , I love their tiny potatoes: it's super yummy! 

Lastly, dessert time! Cannot end off a meal without dessert~ love the fondue so much cause as a chocolate lover: being able to add marshmallow and strawberry chocolate, it tasted like the best thing ever. Extra sweetness bursting through my tastebuds. I will say their dessert section is my favorite location

The whole place just look so cute and nicely furnish, their food are also placed in such a manner that it looks ultra appealing to me. 

I visited this restaurant a few times already but finally decided to blog about it since I took quite a few photos! ❤️ thank you for reading! 


  1. The food looks amazing!


  2. The chocolate dipped strawberries look amazing!


  3. The dessert looks so yummy. xx

  4. Looks like you had a feast! xoxo

  5. Those dishes look so yummy...especially the fondue, I've always wanted to try that!

    House of Illusions

    1. Hehe you should give it a try~ (: it's definitely worth the price!