Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Taiwan, Taipei Day 3

To sum up Day3 in one word: Food, I ate so much today and it's really like a foodie journey. Started off my day with the hotel breakfast, I usually take the milk and cereal cause it's the healthiest choice. Then around noon time, went to a theme restaurant / café with interesting design. 

The whole restaurant is based on the whole antique concept with all the interesting furniture and toys that people can't see anymore now. (: like a mini museum 

That's one of the dish, with all their raw foods like the abalone, raw fishes, raw lobsters and ocutupus. (: Taiwan absolutely have the best raw food ever, their portion is so big. 

Their famous steamed rice with sauce(: craving for more! 

Afterward, we head over to 101 Taipei for hightea at TWG. Something that Singapore also have but decided to try out the TWG outlet there, their layers of desserts were yummy! Love the blueberry cheesecake I picked out, this whole tray cost about $50 which is a bit more pricey than the same one I ordered from TWG Singapore but it's definitely worth the price! 

101 shopping centre is a good place to shop, it's something that's like Ion Orchard or MBS with all the branded goods which can actually be found all over the world. 

After our hightea, we felt super full from all the sweet treats so we kind of explore around the surrounding areas and stumbled upon all the small streets and stores of Taiwan, selling all the food and local apparels. 

Then we found this Korean BBQ store, it's really an amazing feeling to eat BBQ at cold weather. Definitely make the food taste 10 times better ~ 

Their meat looks a bit different from what I had in Singapore but nevertheless it tasted good, especially love the one stick thing which I don't know what it's called.  

Lastly, ended off my day with a cup of bubble tea before heading back to the hotel! It's a must to try their bubble tea since Taiwan is famous for their bubble tea, it tasted good and I love their pearl cause it's so sweet! ❤️

All the people I met on the street and restaurants are really helpful! It definitely make my stay in Taiwan a memorable and good ones~ 

In total, prepare to gain some weight if you decided to come to Taiwan since there are so many dessert stores, donut stores and cafés! 


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  2. Ah I'd love to travel again

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