Friday, May 8, 2015


Went for my first ever photshoot ever with The Cathay , Cineleisure. The theme was " dress your best " , I kind of dress in red cause I always adore the color red and white. 
Red always kind of make things pop! That's why I am style in my AA tennis skirt and red off shoulder top. 

Photoshoot can be so nerve-wrecking, usually I am never camera shy or feel awkward infront of camera but on the day itself I felt a tiny bit of awkwardness and kind of don't know where to smile! I think it's due to the facts that all my photos are usually taken by my families, friends or boyfriends that's why I felt so at ease. But it's a good experience and photoshoot can be such fun too, able to get my photos taken by someone else with good skills and technique! 

After sometimes, I kind of gotten used to it and the photos turned out better than I thought! It's a good learning experience and I just can't wait to see the real-life poster at Cineleisure. 

With the girls! ❤️ it's a wonderful photshoot and it definitely help to prepare me for my next photoshoot which is happening next week! 

Thank you for reading (: x 

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  1. Adorable retro photo shoot

    xoxo, ♥