Sunday, August 16, 2015

America Apparel Skirt & Black hair

Wearing my all-time favorite skirt: America Apparel Skirt ❤️ it's so comfortable and suits with any and every too. It's simple and easy to style, have a bit of the sporty and relaxing feel. Must have in the closet ~ 

I am the type of person that make rash decision, that's this one morning when I woke up and suddenly thought of dyeing my black hair and all the wonderful things about having black hair so I rushed off and bought a hair dye and try dyeing it myself- since black is a simple color that doesn't need much expert help if not I'd usually go to salon in case of hair disaster. 

After 20 minutes of waiting that seems like a million years have just zoom pass, I have my black hair or should I say blue black hair? I have no idea why it looks quite blue but all is good, now I don't have to re-dye my roots anymore and can finally start taking care and maintain my messy locks. 

From light brown to black definetely seems like a big transformation. So people that wanna try out black hair should definetely have their heart prepared~ it's been awhile since I have black hair so I certainly hope to keep this hair color as long as possible. 

Meanwhile, here's some NehNeh Chicken for you! Finally try the famous fried chicken store and it's so fingerlicious good❤️❤️❤️ 

On a sidenote: the breakfast that he cook for me right after I had my exam ❤️ feeling blessed. 

See you guys soon in my next post ❤️ 


  1. Black hair looks nice on you.
    Your skin color becomes radiant-- love it

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  2. Very cute, love your skirt!

    Do you have Bloglovin'?! Let's follow each other!

    xx Falasha

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  3. You look great with both hair colors

    xoxo, ♥

  4. That chicken looks so delicious! And you look good with both colors, but I think I like black on you the best


  5. You look so pretty in black hair :) What's more, I love your white skirt <3

  6. Simply stunning! Looove the hair!

  7. Your hair looks fab! love the color,
    xo Annie
    New England Romance