Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Comb Singapore Hair Salon

" The Comb Singapore " - a lovely hair salon that's located at 12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252. Recently I tried dyeing my own hair black by myself so there are lots of other parts of my hair that's still a bit brown and blonde. At first, I wanna try their perm services but the senior hair stylish - Henry advices me to dye my hair completely black first before perm if not the result will look weird. 

So I did the touch up of my black hair over at the comb, when I first entered the store I was welcomed by their pretty assistant and was offered a drink of my choice: the thirsty me choose the orange juice. 

The Comb also offer me magazine for me to read ❤️ had so much fun browsing the magazine and pick up on fashion tips. 

The whole hair dyeing process took about 2 hours. The hair salon stylish are all very friendly and helpful so I feel quite comfortable there. 

After the long wait, it's finally done! I especially love the hair washing process, it's so comfortable, it's like head massage and my hair really feel clean afterward. I even doze off a little during the process cause I woke up way too early today. 

The seniorhairstylist- Henry.  He worked in both Korea & Shanghai before so he's really experienced in doing the hair styling and can ensure that your hair experience there will be pleasant and wonderful. 

The comb hair salons will be the best place for you if you're looking to improve your hair condition, change your hairstyle and get into the trend. 

They offered services: 
# Wash & Blow 
# Styling 
# Coloring 
# Treatment  

12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 

It's located near the Telok Ayer MRT, about 5 minutes walk but I took a cab from the MRT cause I was too lost when I arrived. It cost be $4.00 for the cab right cause it's less than 1 minute cab ride. 

Find them on Facebook: The Comb 

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