Thursday, August 27, 2015

Phuket Day 1

Travelled to Phuket, Thailand! The first day went by super fast because our flight was late at 830pm so we arrived in Phuket at about 1130 (Thailand time). The moment we arrived, we went to find a cab which cost about 1000 baht - $40 to take us to Patong Beach area which we stayed over at Sira Grande! Be warned, the cab ride is super ultra long- it took about 40-50 minutes 

The most funny thing is we booked the hotel on the 24th while we arrived on 23rd night so we had to pay for the extra night which cost about 1000 baht. $$$ keep flying away~ luckily it's not fully booked! 

We went to get supper from JungCeylon after checking in and there are still a few store open! We went to get their seafood spaghetti which tasted so good ❤️ and the services was better than expected. 

The next morning, we had breakfast in the hotel. Then we took a cab which cost about 200 baht - $8 to the elephant riding place, if you're up for activities in Phuket be prepared to bring more cash since all the activities cost about 1000 baht or more. For the elephant rides, it's about 900 baht/ person for 30 minutes ride! 

It's so scary to be so high but it's so much fun, to see the scenery and enjoy the experience of riding on the elephant! But the person controlling the elephant keep asking for tips and stuff which we find very weird. 

Lunch: Tom Yum Seafood + Fried Beef. 

It's super yummy and delicious, the Tom yum seafood really have so much seafood inside with all the prawns, squids, fishes and clams (ULTRA BIG) . It's so different from the one I had over at other countries. 

The upside down house over at Patong, I had such a hard time understanding how to take the photos because it looks a little bit funny and weird to me when I entered luckily there are guides there to help and apparently my boyfriend is smart enough to try to make me understand. ❤️❤️❤️ 

Price - 250 baht/ person 

After a long long day, we have dinner at the famous MK restaurant. The food there is actually quite pricey and not as good as I expected but the coconut in Thailand tasted really good ❤️ 

Every restaurant we go, coconut will always be the one thing that we ordered. That's how we ended off our first day by exploring around and trying out their elephant and stuff. Will blog about day 2,3 & 4 soon! 

Thank you for reading. 


  1. Wow. Absolutely awesome!

  2. I'd love to go to Thailand. Your pictures are beautiful