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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Princess in a carriage

Can you imagine my excitement when I first lay my eyes on this carriage? It's absolutely adorable and beautiful. It's every girls dream to sit in a princess carriage, after reading through all the fairytale story when I am young I always wondered how it'll be like to see a real carriage and here is it, it's so pretty❤️ 

I sound like an absolute fan girl now. Wearing an off shoulder top with some denim skirt for the day, still upset over the fact that I wasn't wearing a dress on the day. It's literally random walk in some place and I stumbled upon this 

My prince in the carriage? ㅋㅋㅋ 

Went to watch Fantastic 4 on the day and it was such a big disappointment: the only action part of the movie only lasted for 30 minutes so you can imagine the rest of the movie time literally talks about boring storyline. I have such high hope for the movie since I really love marvel movie but it's really a meh. 😭 

Went to did my eyelashes over at Teyelashes on the same day ❤️ , absolutely loving my lashes now cause it's at the perfect length that can make my eyes pop and looks bigger. Now I can stay in bed a little longer before my morning preparation ~ the store always make me feel so comfortable with the serene environment. 

Their store is a lifesaver too! I was so forgetful that I forget to bring my eyeliner to touch up after the extension process, luckily they provide me with eyeliner to touch up ❤️ . #best do check their store out on Instagram @teyelashes for more detail. 


  1. You look so cute.
    I love your top-- i have same like this :)

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  2. You look like a real princess - I love that carriage of yours


  3. Totally understand you, this carriage looks stunning! <3