Monday, September 5, 2016

Shanghai Day 2

Good morning ShangHai, woke up to this amazing view from Radisson Blu Hotel. I woke up naturally at around 7:30am which is earlier than I expected despite having a rough night, so I started preparing and managed to have breakfast in the hotel at 9am. The breakfast over at the hotel is the usual western x Asian cuisine food. 

After which we visit the YuYuan Garden, which is something that seems like an olden day house that people used to live in, it's quite big inside and we spent around 20-30 minutes looking around and snapping photos. 

Everything in there seems so interesting but the weather can be really frustrating, it wasn't really hot at 11am but as the day proceed on the weather just start to get really bad, the sun is blazing hot and there are so many people around the area. So we decided to get lunch to fend off the heat, I decided to try their local Mala Spicy Food which is one of my favorite in Singapore but I was so stunned by the Mala Food here: it taste so entirely different instead of being spicy, it's super sour and it kinds of numb my mouth after chewing the food. I think it's not entirely bad but it just doesn't goes well with my taste buds ): which was a huge disappointment. 

Next, we head off to the people square which consist of many shopping centers with cool vintage LED design and it just looks super vibrant. 

We didn't stay there for long due to the heat so we head back to the hotel to rest a little while before trying out the hightea in the hotel. 

I absolutely adore high tea, all the tiny little food just seems so adorable and amazing. It's a wonderful way to rest and enjoy with such a beautiful view, this high tea café is located at the top of the hotel and it's kind of like a spinning café so we get to see the whole view of Shanghai 360 degree from the place which was eyes-opening. 

Then we somehow managed to find a shopping center that's linked with our hotel that leads us to our dinner at the Korean BBQ restaurant. 

And that's our amazing dinner~ with the scallop x pork belly x beef x prawn as well as chicken, veggie mix plate and the kimchi we ordered. Apparently, the Korean restaurant in Shanghai doesn't serve side dishes for free so we have got to order an extra serving of kimchi to eat which is pretty weird. 

So that's all for our second day, we ended off our day after walking around the people square. It's just such a tiring day to wander around and discovering new places but at the same time it can be pretty fun too. 


  1. I'm in love with all these photos! That 360 view is incredible - what a great experience <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  2. I'm sorry for all taht heat and the food in Shanghai, but I think the hotel you chose is so lovely and that your really ate well there :)


  3. That tea set is gorgeous <3