Sunday, September 4, 2016

Singapore to Shanghai Day 1

Hurray! Finally the long await trip to Shanghai x Hong Kong is here~ this morning I hit on the gym in my house at 730am before heading off to the airport, can't manage to skip gym day due to travel! So I took the Cathay Pacific Airline to Hong Kong before transiting over to Shanghai. Before we board the aircraft, we rested at their Dnata Lounge for some snacks and drinks to satisfied my ever-hungry tummy. 

I found some cute teacup over there with the message " a little love in every drop". 

The seats is quite spacious which I really like, I watched "Mr.Right" on the plane and it's seriously super entertaining which help to pass time. During the movie, I had my lunch on board which consist of the: 

The starter was not really my favorite, there's some spices in there which didn't quite fit with my taste bud. But it looks appetizing and delicious~ 

Then as for the main course, I had the steamed chicken with chicken rice which I didn't really get to finish as the chicken was too oily for me. I just had this insane pet peeve that I hate to eat any chicken even with little amount of fats so I usually opt for chicken breast instead. As for the dessert, I had the fresh food and the Haagen Dazs ice cream which I didn't finish due to my allergies. ( I didn't managed to snap the main course and ice cream because I was too eager to try them out) 

After which I fell asleep for a little while (literally like 10-30 minutes only)  before its time to land and transit to another air craft which head to Shanghai. 

After rushing from one aircraft to another with my high heels, my feet is absolutely in pain right now. But I'm glad to make it there in time, was greeted with the plum rose drink that look so beautiful. 

The dinner menu for this flight looks much more appetizing so I'm really looking forward to it since I didn't really finish my lunch just now. 

Starter: Soba Prawn with Papaya along with some nice chewy bread. 

I would say this taste a little bit different from the soba I had before, it's like a mixture of western and Japanese food with the thick olive oil taste. 

Main course: Steamed Fish x Mashed Potatoes x steamed veggie 

It's mentioned that there's no fish bone inside the fish but I managed to find 3 tiny bones but it's quite yummy and it taste fresh. 

Dessert time: Haagen-Dauz x Tea 

Only took a few bites off the ice cream which is my tiny guilty pleasure, lactose intolerance can be irritating as hell at time like this. 

When we finally arrived in Shanghai, we were told that our luggage was missing during transition and maybe it'll be manage to be found and only can be return to us at our hotel at 2am. I was utterly shocked because it was already 10pm at night and we tried to shop for sleeping clothes and make up remover but none of the store was open, so I had to fall asleep with the clothes I wore for the airplane ride and with my make up on. 

I'm quite relief that it arrived at 2:30am and I don't have to go on another day without my luggage. So that basically sums up my first day in Shanghai!