Thursday, September 4, 2014


Before I talk about puppies, let me talk about my outfit! Can you see the floral shorts in the picture ? It's from loveien19, I talked about their see through shirt during the past post. Love the shorts they send me, it's like so lovely and it's in my favorite color : white~ 

I love their apparels and their friendly service, so it's a definitely must visit online shopping website. Do look them up on Instagram: loveien19 for more information. 

Now let's talk about puppies, I have always wanted to have a small animal to care for and guess my luck strike when I visited my holiday cottage in Malaysia to discovered that there are 6 new born puppies in my house, it's a wonderful sight but it's just that the smell wasn't tolerable at first. 

Look at the cute little puppies all cuddled up. We have decided to clean the area up and make them a small bed with cloth, we even went out to get milk and bread for them! It's just feel so nice to care for them and it'll definitely be something to look forward to when I visit my cottage there! 

Hopefully the little puppies will be alright and I hope their mom will find the little puppies soon and I just got to share this cause it's the closest I had to ever getting a small little animal to call my own. ❤️ 

Thank you for reading my post! ❤️ 


  1. Love what you did for those puppies !!! So nice of you!

  2. cute outfit, the puppies are so dog gave birth last month :) I have 7 puppies running around

  3. Love your floral shorts. :) Those puppies are so cute. What's their breed?