Monday, September 1, 2014

What? Weird Beauty Tools?

There are many different types of beauty tools all around the world which I discovered while I was googling the other day and found lots of "rare" which can also be known as " weird" beauty tools. 

This is a set of clips for nose to help the nose to seems smaller and allows the user to have higher nose bridge, kind of like creating the 3D effects. It was suppose to be clip on daily for about 20 minutes. But I totally cannot imagine clipping something on my nose, it's like how am I suppose to breath during the 20 minutes? And I find that these pairs of nose clips look like the clips my mom use to hang clothes with. 

V-Shape face roller, it'll suppose to help make the face smaller and appear like "V".  Personally, I think even if this roller doesn't work it's worth it cause it's just like massaging the face for fun but it's just a bit weird that a roller is suppose to make the face smaller? It kind of just doesn't make sense to me. 

I save this for the last cause it's the weirdest, this is like a headband for the whole head in which the person are suppose to sleep with it. Even without trying it, I am sure it'll be uncomfortable. It's like how can anyone sleep with such a tight band around the face, it just doesn't make sense to me even if the whole purpose is to look good. 

In total, I am not saying that all this beauty tools are not useful but I just find it a bit weird but maybe it's useful? I don't know about it cause I have never try this before but it's really amazing to know there are lots of weird tools around the world just to serve the beauty purposes. Guess people will literally go for any extent to look good. 


  1. These things are really odd :))

  2. I spotted those face rollers too, but I'm just too lazy to use them. I've to admit the headband looks weird! Hahaha!
    Luxury Haven

  3. I also found those little capsule that you put in your lips to make them look fuller really weird and possibly painful! fun post <3

  4. Very strange!

  5. so strange, It's growing my urge to facepalm myself instantly, for eternity.

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  6. Woah, i think some beauty contraptions, especially the asian ones, are so bizarre! :)
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