Monday, October 6, 2014

Too much dough

Sponsored: DressV 

I will be talking about the amazing back-pack and a hidden cafe at Outram park, read on to find out more! 

Finally got the chance to wear the sweater I gotten a week ago, super comfortable though it's not the perfect pieces for hot weather but it's just so adorable that I cannot resist it! Anyway , the focus of the outfit will be on the Leopard Printed Bag-pack. It's absolutely stunning, kindly sponsored by DressV! I picked out this bag because of the unique design, it's absolutely the perfect size to put lots of stuff inside. 

I carried the bag throughout the day, it's comfortable and I even put like 2 mineral water, one makeup pouch, wallet, umbrella and my shopping items. So it's good not only on the outlook but also for its multiple uses. The reasons I carried 2 mineral waters was cause of the horrible weather and haze. 

Look at the cute leopard back-pack it's so adorable especially how the eyes are drawn. DressV collection never fail to impress me (: Do head over to : to get yours now. 

Found this hidden cafe at Outram Park, it's located near The Stranger Reunion cafe (just about 2-3 minutes walk straight up). Actually planned to go Stranger's Reunion but the queue was just too long. This cafe offers complimentary bread for their customer, which also meant free of charge bread which taste so delicious that we actually wanted to just eat the bread and not order anything else. But we did ordered something cause it's just awkward not to, we tried the Truffle Fries. 

Price: SGD 9 

The fries is delicious and it take about 3 person to finish this basket, it's like brunch and just so filling. I just can't resist things like fries, it's too tempting that I forget about my diet and everything. This cafe also don't charge their customer service charges, which is absolutely hard to find now. 

Thank you for reading! Do head over to DressV to check out their apparels and amazing accessories now. 



  1. Fries are my weakness!


  2. The sweater is cute!
    the food looks so yummy!

  3. Such a cute sweater, I love the hole. That food made me hungry!

    xoxo, ♥