Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Whispering Rubbish

That's like my outfit few days back, just a simple over-sized Denim Dress actually I wanted it to fit nicely but I kind of ordered the wrong size so this Over-Sized concept developed in my mind. I am actually a XS but I accidentally clicked L ?! That's why it's like so big and such but well it's airy and I kind of like it so guess it's a YAY~ 

Anyway, today topic is about blogging. I mainly blog about stuff like Fashion, Food etc. But I feel like blogging should not just be restricted to this few topics cause sometimes my brain is quite dead and I can't think of what to post, especially when days I am too lazy to take an #ootd post. Taking #ootd post is actually quite hard, trying to think of new pose (which usually I can't) other than smiling awkwardly at the camera. 

But well, I like blogging cause it's like writing down my thoughts and well sharing my awkward style and food adventure. But there are days, I just want to post about random stuff like: " I got a pimple on my forehead" or " my IPhone screen is being a bitxh to me" , I was kidding about the pimple part. But it's just weird if I post about such stuff. 

Since I am talking about random post, here is one. My IPhone is like dead, the phone look perfectly fine from afar but the screen just doesn't move so I cannot use it! I cannot imagine spending another $350 to fix the phone again. It's like I fixed my IPhone more than 4 times already, careless will definitely be my middle name if I actually have a middle name. 

So I very much prefer using my laptop as compared to my phone now, at least it doesn't lag. Anyway, recently there's this movie called " Annabelle" have anyone actually watch it? I might be planning to watch it tonight, hopefully it won't scare the life out of me. Thank you so much for bearing with me till the last part, here's some cute flowers for you~~~ 

I will blog about serious stuff like Fashion/ Food for my next post, till then~ 


  1. I love the denim overalls, totally cute.

    I am following you on instagram like you asked. My username is @misschlover

    Wardrobe Quarry

  2. Now look at you, you look so cute and sweet in this romper. Love it. Great pics.

  3. Cute! I love this look

  4. Blog evolutions are always fun, so I look forward to seeing the direction you take your blog in .. personalisations are always fun! :) I love this pinafore dress on you and it's such a good (and lucky) job that the XL works as an oversized piece, although maybe next time double check the size haha! ;)

    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -