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Friday, March 6, 2015

Airport Outfit

Currently on the plane to Taipei, Taiwan. Took the time out to blog since it's a 4 hour 30 minutes flight, wore my black stripes outerwear along with white skirt cause it's like the most comfortable ones. Plus, the weather there when I touchdown will be around 14-17 degree (it's like the middle range temperature, not too hot or cold) which make it so confusing to choose the right clothes. 

What to do on a 4-5 hours flight? Usually I'll tend to read storybook that I bring with me, listen to songs- catching up with all the new sons, watch movies or dramas. 

I watched two movies on the flight and currently watching " Girls " , so relatable! Watching movie definitely helps to kill time. 

Hopefully I'll reach Taipei soon cause I am feeling so weird after sitting around and not moving for so long. Recently I just google about sitting too much and the research says " sitting too much will lead to weight gain" . Gonna try my best to walk around Taipei to discover all the night markets, caf├ęs and shopping centre to burn away all the unnecessary calories gained from sitting around. 

Gonna blog more about my outfits and my Taiwan trips over the next few days! (: thank you for reading.