Sunday, March 8, 2015

Taipei, Taiwan Day 1

Taipei, Taiwan Day 1. The weather is extremely cold during the morning around 12 degree so I'm like freezing my whole body off trying to adapt to the temperature. Wore red knitted top along with high waisted shorts, along with pastel purple jacket. We went around different memorial places, pretty places to take photos. 

Visited this lovely palace during 8-9am , so it's literally freezing cold. Stumbled upon an ancient telephone box: 

The concept of the phone box looks so cool. ❤️ can't help but to take a few photos there. 

Next, the Rose Garden.The whole garden are with different types of roses and flowers. 

Absolutely will love to have this sort of garden in my future house! ❤️ 

Amazing flowers that are good for the eyes! Next, it's the foodie journey on top of the mountain! The journey took about 1 hour there but it's absolutely worth it since there's so many different varieties of cafés to choose from~ but the weather is so cold with the addition of sudden rain. 

Interior of the café we choose, it's cozy and there is the internal heating system make my toes all warm and fuzzy. Along with my cupcakes and lavender tea, it's perfect for the afternoon snacks.

Yummy snacks ❤️ ~ I feel like I'm gonna gain about 5kg after I'm back. Taiwan is just such a good place to feast and eat all the food, especially exploring all the café. Can't wait to eat more and see different scenery, throughout the next few days! 

Thank you for reading (: ! I'm starting to miss Singapore sunny weather~ 


  1. It's 12° and you're in tights? You crazy girl :) I love the beanie

    xoxo, ♥

  2. Stunning photos!


  3. Beautiful pink coat. Love these photos!

  4. Great photos! Cute coat!
    xoxo, Jessi