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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Taiwan, Taipei- Yilan Day 2

Head over from Taipei- Yilan - Taipei. Took about like 5 hours from Taipei to Yilan cause we are lost there among all the mountains but the view along the way look really pretty, with all the small flowers and trees. We actually stumbled upon a villa which look so romantic, wanna go there for holiday. 

Had lunch at a nearby village, local food which consist of the usual: steamed chicken, steamed fish, vegetables, fried noodle and potatoes wrapped. It's super delicious(: to eat something healthy.

Then we began our 5 hours mountain journey which is actually quite torturous cause if we took another way we would have reach within 30 minutes. By the time we reached Yilan, it's already around 6pm so we only got to eat dinner there at some restaurant known as " 喝酒大学” their food is really cheap and yummy! 

The menus consist of sashimi even though it's a Chinese restaurant, their raw salmon slices are so thick and yummy! Plus their restaurant have an interesting concept of free flow of rice and beehoon. 

Weather turning colder so I gotten my pale purple jacket on again! Went to grab some snacks like macarons in the night market and those underground basement store, it's a good way to get on my feet during the night to shop and enjoy all the local snacks. 

I love sweets, do you? Thank you for reading (: