Tuesday, August 3, 2021

All about Uniwigs

Hair wigs and extensions are the best accessories to spice up your daily style and outfit, it can comes in various colors and hairstyle. Uniwigs is one of the prominent hair wig store to get your favorite hair extension, let me show you some of my favorite ladies wigs to get you started on this journey ! 

Marian 14" 15g Single Piece Classic Clip-in Human Hair Extension

This is one of my favorite from Uniwigs's hair extension section, this lovely piece of clip-in extension can helps to add beautiful volume to your hair and especially helpful for people that wants to help with their hair thinning situation. 

The most wonderful part about this clip-in hair extension is that it can be colored and heat-style just like your normal hair! It's ideal for people with hair length of 14-16", you can even match it with the different hair color to give it a chic edgy look! 


Angelia | Blonde with Dark Roots Long Wavy Synthetic Lace Front Wig

This is definitely a work of art, it's so exquisite! This is the perfect radiant style, adore the natural blonde warm honey tones. It's the perfect staple wig that everyone should have in their wardrobe, you can wear it to change up your hairstyle for your date night out, cosplay event and day out with your friends without the hassle to dye your hair! 

Fret no! You can also style this pretty ladies wigs with straighteners and curlers in anyway you love since it's made to be heat-friendly. It also comes with amazing features like the adjustable straps so that you can adjust the wig cap to fit perfectly to your natural head size. 

Zoe | Shoulder Length 100% Hand-tied Human hair Mono Wig with Bangs

Other than the usual hair wigs and extension, Uniwigs also have one of the best natural hair wigs and I found one of my favorite which is the Zoe Shoulder Length natural wig! The sophisticated style that provides remarkable hair movement, love this bangs cut that gives a youthful look that help to frame your face shape for the perfect finishing touch.  

So what do you think of some of my favorites from Uniwigs? 
Thank you for reading! 
Which one is your favourite! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Invisalign Journey Jul'18- Mar'19

Today kinda marks my last day with Invisalign! With my 8 months of experience with Invisalign, I decided to share with you guys about it & hopefully it'll help many others that are planning to embark on their straight teeth journey! 

Backstory: The reason why I decided on "Invisalign" instead of the traditional braces, the main reason will be the time to complete the whole thing (traditional braces will take about 2 years or so for the whole process) while Invisalign only takes about 6 months or more depending on your teeth situation. 

Let's talk about the hassle/ issues I faced while wearing Invisalign: 

1) Snacking : 

This was one major issue for me because F.Y.I it's recommended for you to wear the invisalign' tray for 22 hours a day in order for it to be effective in moving your teeth. I really like to snacks a lot throughout the day since I tend to eat small portion of meal x 5 / 6 times a day, the issue wasn't about the eating. It's more of the "I have to brush my teeth after every meal I consumed, be it a slice of apple/ a single bite of a cake?!" - and trust me, it's really not easy to brush in public areas like the shopping mall or cafe. 

2) 22 hours: 

22 hours = Problem No.2 | I am a rebel at heart, so there are times when I don't stick to the 22 hours regime (it's only during the start of my treatment, I decided to just stick to it after rebelling for awhile) . Trust me, there's a reason why it's stated that you must wear it for 22 hours a day. During my wisdom tooth removal which happened during my invisalign' journey, I could't wear it back on the first day in order to protect the wound dressing and my teeth shifted in the short span of 12 hours?! And the tray feels so much tighten for me!  

So if you're thinking of getting Invisalign, you might want to consider whether you can stick to the 22 hours regime. 

3) Brushing 

Due to my over-brushing (if there's even such word) , my teeth condition seems more dire than pre-invisalign . It's so much more sensitive towards hot/ cold drinks and I notices that there's definetely some teeth enamel loss and I'm hoping that my teeth condition will improve overtime after my invisalign's journey ends. 

4) Taking out your tray 

The mess you gonna make when you pop out your invisalign before having a meal with your friends & families, you probably don't wanna do it in front of someone that you just met. Trust me, you just can't help it when the saliva is stuck to the tray when you pull it out hahh (it's not a great sight) | One of the many reason why I am so great, this is over. 

But overall, Invisalign really plays an important role in straightening my teeth and increase my overall awareness in taking care of my teeth (since I brush & floss so regularly throughout the whole invisalign course) and I'm definitely loving & am proud of my straighter teeth! So yeap, hope this help! x 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Love Blossom Party | Häagen-Dazs

"With my little brother! Floral Twinning"A well-spent weekday over at the Love Blossom Häagen Dazs Party! It's hosted over at the Häagen-Dazs Cafe (ION Orchard), when we entered the cafe we were greeted by such a strong floral aroma which was so sweet and calming! The whole floral theme was inspired by their Limited Edition Spring Floral Flavors which I find very enchanting and unique.

I have my fair shares on eating & trying out different varieties of ice-cream since young and it's really my virgin experience trying out floral flavors ice-cream so it's all really new & exciting for me! And I am so please to be able to try out their Limited-Edition Jasmine Raspberry & Pomegranate ice cream + their Orange Blossom Ice Cream which taste really heavenly!

The Häagen-Dazs - Orange Blossom Iced Tea- is officially my new favorite drink, as a tea lover- this drink have the perfect blend of orange-infused Early Grey and mint topped with just the right amount of Orange Blossom ice-cream and you'll not believe it when I say there's even seasonal fruits inside the drink! The drinks looks and taste superb winsome!

While sipping my lovely blossom iced tea, we also got to learn the language of flower from some of the florist experts and made our own flower crown! It's intriguing to learn the different meanings of flowers and how it can be used to express emotions and feelings in a subtle manner! With some trial and error along with the help of some really wonderful and lovely florist, I manged to make my own kinda floral crown :

Next up, I am so in love with their Love Blossom High Tea Set! It's absolutely lovely and scrumptious! Literally all my favorite afternoon tea snacks in a set, it consists of the dainty ice cream scoops in a tart, assorted pastries, seasonal fresh fruits that comes with warm chocolate fondue sauce which is really exquisite! It's superb delicious and filling, I am definitely going back for more!  

My brother and I are planning to get 3 pints of the Love Blossoms Series home since we really love it so much! The two new flavors are currently available in Pints and Stickbars, you can find out more about it on Häagen-Dazs ! We really had so much fun over at the party and it's all thanks to Häagen-Dazs and REDHILL Communications for the amazing invitation and for making us feel like home during the party! 

Thank you for reading x 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

New Year | Picosure Laser Review

Always wanted to find the best way to get rid of my post acne-mark which is part of my 2019 resolution  so I decided to do a little research on my own and chance upon 'Picosure Laser' which is quite well-known for getting rid of scars/marks/ even tattoo with little or no downtime at all! Previously I visited my own dermatologist for my skin related issue however they do not provide the laser service I was looking for so I did some research & ended choosing an aesthetic clinic that provide the laser service that I was looking for. 
(Fully self-funded for the Picosure Laser Treatment so this are basically from my personal experience and I hope this will be helpful to those that wants to know more about the laser treatment and what to expect etc.)  

*Do note that it's important to do an extensive amount of research before going for any treatment* 

- Personally, I like to look through their website and various social media platforms for testimonials from their customers (you can even utilities their GeoTag on their Instagram to get a glimpse of how their services are like so it helps to give you an idea of what kind of services you will be receiving when you're there) 

I ended up going for the aesthetic clinic that makes me feel the most comfortable. I went down for a consultation & had my laser done up on the same day which took about an hour or so. 

The doctor explains the basics of what the laser does, the aftermath of the treatment as well as determining how many laser treatment I need to attend before seeing any result/ improvement) 

It's a pretty straight forward kind of experience | after the consultation with the doctor - the beautician brought me over to another room to cleanse & remove my make up as well as provide a brightening mask for my skin before moving on to the laser treatment room. (20-30 minutes)

  • Duration: 

The whole laser treatment took about 10 minutes or so. 

  • Pain Level: 

It was about 2/10 or 3/10 for me, I was pretty nervous when the treatment started since I do not have any prior experience in getting laser done. But it's actually alright, it felt more like a light flickering on my face & there's also some faint burning smell during the treatment which is absolutely normal. 

  • Aftermath : 

My skin recovers quickly after the treatment, the clinic applied some sunscreen to protects my skin & I only ended up with a little redness on my face. The doctor also mention that it's alright to apply make up right after the treatment so there's literally no downtime after the laser. 

  • Improvement: 

I can see a little improvement after the treatment but it's still too early to tell since it's just the first laser session, I will be going down for my 2nd session in a month's time so I am kinda secretly hoping that it will improve drastically during my next session. 

  • Costs: 

$450/ session (Bef GST) so it's about $481.5/ session 

It's a great self-pampering experience for me & I absolutely can't wait to go down for my next session! Other than the Picosure Laser , I am also currently undergoing my Invisalign treatment (6 months in) and I will probably upload a post about my Invisalign Journey in my upcoming posts. 


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rosegal's Womens Day 2018

Rosegal's is another wonderful site with amazing women's day sales, I have found some of the really great outfits that I am gonna add to my wishlist! Firstly, it will be this wonderful white plus size empire waist belted surplice blouse, super adorable and it's just so casual x pretty, this outfit can be match with anything easily! For their women's day special, this blouse is only selling at $16.57 ! 

Next, another rosegal women's day gift to look out for will be this floral high waist bustier bikini set which looks perfect! It help to shape the body to suit your body type, right amount of sexy and classy! The floral design also matches well with the upcoming spring! ($19.48) 

Lastly, another beautiful bikini pieces from the women's day special that caught my eyes will be this White & Black Bandeau Smocked Bikini Set! This outfit is da bomb, super adorable and the design itself is just so vintage and beautiful! I am absolutely digging it for the spring bikini collection! ($16.12) 

So what do you think about rosegal women's day special collection? I think it's just simply wonderful and all of their outfits on their site is absolutely a great steal! Get yours now from Rosegal! 

Zaful's Women's Day 2018

Goodbye Winter! Hello Spring 2018, are you as excited as I am about the upcoming spring? Time to stock up on your pretty spring outfits with Zaful Women's Day 2018 , I have picked out some exclusive outfits from Zaful which will be perfect for your upcoming spring! 

Zaful have a really wonderful collection of women's day offer with almost up to 40% off all the outfits! Firstly, a must-have for spring will be this Halter Stereo Flower Bikini , the perfect floral design is the absolute piece for spring bikini! It looks so insta-worthy and the floral are just so adorable, it's available at $14.99 and there's even a buy 1 get 1 30% off on-going promotion! 

Next up, another women's day special will be this Smocked Backless Checkered Halter top which is super attractive and eye-catching, a great transition from the cold winter to a breezy spring! I absolutely recommend this outfit for spring as the design is so funky and adorable! It's price at only $13.02 ! Definitely a great steal. 

Lastly, another women's day deal to look out for will be this Tied Lemon Print High Waisted Bikini Set! The color of this bikini itself is the perfect spring bikini piece, the design is also subtle and gentle with the beautiful lemon prints, perfect for this spring! Get yours now at only $15.04! 

So what do you think about my Zaful's women's day collection? Which outfits is your favorite? 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Your Perfect Guide To Catalogues With Cool Catalogues

coolcatalogues.co.uk is the perfect site to guide beginner for their online catalogues to finance their dream and goals! It have the best selection of of furniture, appliances and electrical that can make your dream house come true , Coolcatalogues can even help to refurnish your old house to make it look brand new while maintaining and accustomed to your specific needs and budgets in life. Let me bring you through their amazing site and the catalogues that coolcatalogues have to offer: 

Firstly, I am absolutely blown away by their large furniture selection that ranges from bed,carpets, sofas and even wardrobe which is literally everything that a perfect house will need. Their bed selections looks classy and amazing, I especially adore the part where CoolCatalogues show their latest deals on their bedroom furniture which enable people to get the most out of their site! It's the perfect way to help people to get their dream bed without paying the full price at one go which help people deal with financial issue wisely. 

 Their appliances section consists of the cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, fridges and freezers which what every households need! It also help household deal with the sudden need to replace old appliances without burning a hole in their pocket as user can choose to pay wisely with the different payment options cater to suit the need of the user! 

Lastly, their electrical section have all the cool stuffs like the camera, gaming, laptops, IPad, Tablets and even TV! It help you to stay trendy and get all the cool gadgets that you always dream of having, it can be costly to pay the payment upfront in full so this is the perfect financing option for you to stay trendy and maintain your lifestyle! 

In total, I think CoolCatalogues is a great site for you to explore as it have wonderful and useful tips that bring you through the whole credit catalogues process and it's a wonderful way to live a life that you always dream of! So do visit coolcatalogues.co.uk now to find out more about the service that they provide!