Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015- New Year

The whole 2014 just came to an end, 2015 is like a new year new start.  Wore my pink ruffles skirt and plain white top for the countdown celebration, super comfortable and can walk around easily that's what important during countdown! I choose the color pink cause I wore bright red for Christmas if I wear red again, it'll be quite the same so pink it's ! 

For the countdown celebration, we went to different locations. Firstly, in the late afternoon we went to the TrickEye Museum at Resort World Sentosa to take lovely photos to end off 2014. 

Inside the museum, there are all those paintings and drawings that you can take photo with to create the 3D effect as if you're doing something inside the painting which I find it super cool and I really love taking photo and stuff that's why it's the best place to be at! 

But the queue was like super long, take about 1 hour something so after getting the tickets we went to get some strawberry shaved ices before queuing , food in tummy before the long wait. 

Super delicious and yummy, absolutely perfect for hot weather. 

After the TrickEye Museum, we head over to Rivervalley that's near Clarke Quey to have dinner! Then afterward walk around the place, head over to Clarke Quey about 7/8pm to have some drink to prepare for new year countdown! 

Had White Wine in some bar for the wait, the place was filled with music so the atmosphere was really good. And wine is the best for countdown cause can drink for quite awhile while chit-chatting (: 

Then it's 2015 already!! First time counting down with my boyfriend, absolutely brand new experience that's fun-filled and lovely! I didn't know countdown can be so exciting, loud and amazing. Grateful to have spent the time with him(: 

I just hope this year will be a wonderful and lovely year. 

How did you countdown for 2015? 

Thank you for reading! 


Sunday, December 28, 2014

LokLok Contrasting Outfits


Always will have a tough time deciding which colors suit me better so I decided to do a contrasting outfit post. So basically in two different days, I wore a whole black outfit and on another I wore a whole white outfit. The result was amazing~ 

The whole black outfit have a more cool and chic feel, kind of give off the badass aura and feel. Seems more modern time style, I'll probably wear this once in awhile for occasion in which I need to look cool. Best part about the whole outfit will be the shirt, I love the little see through design. 

Whereas the white one radiant off the more innocence and gentle kind of feel. Actually this look is much easier to wear as compared to the one above cause this one doesn't require much choosing of outfis whereas the all black outfit need hard time finding the right clothes and accessories. 

I'm getting a little hungry so I can't possibly end off the post without a foodie related journey. I went to try the Satay Culture in Singapore, near bugis. It's like the Malacca LokLok food, my first time trying it so everything just seems so interesting. 

The store offered like a whole range of selection for food, we picked like all the nice food that we think is worth the price. It's actually like 1 stick for $1 ? Something like steamboat but a little different~ 

Pouring it all in the Satay Soup, decided to try the Satay Based Soup since it's a Satay Culture Restaurant? The soup is super nice and the food take awhile to cook so it's good to chit chat and take selfie when waiting for the food. Best place to chill and relax with good food~ 

Are you the more black outfit or the white outfit type of person? (: and have you try something similar to LokLok? 

Thank you for reading (: 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

X'Mas Celebration With Me ❤️

Christmas celebration will always consist of yummy food, it's absolutely the best festive season to gain a pound or two. Went to JBM Coffee&Dining for Christmas dinner, it's the 5 course set meal. Consisting of the starter, main course and dessert. 

The menu consist of : 
#1 Lobster Soup 
#2 Salmon Salad 
#3 Pyramid Ribeye Beef 
#4 Turkey Breast With Cranberry Sauce 
#5 Pork Ribs 
#6 Log Cake W Strawberry Cheese IceCream 

It also comes with a bottle of red wine(: , I think having a Christmas dinner set will be the best choice cause there's no need to troubled over what to order since it's a fixed menu and all the Christmas set always comes with delicious festive season food! 

Then we went to took the Singapore Flyer for the perfect night-view, it really looks breathtaking at night even though I taken this ride a few times already but it felt different to ride this with my boyfriend. The atmosphere is just very serene and great to enjoy (: 

Taking the flyer is like taking a better version of Ferris wheel with air condition and stuff! Absolutely remind me of childhood when I love to take the Ferris wheel to see the view. 


Choose the festive color for X'Mas Day! Red dress, Golden Heels and Small Black Clutch. ❤️ 

That's my outfit for the day, wearing a red dress that I took forever to find but I am absolutely loving the vibrant red color and it's kind of the few red dress I have since I don't usually go for bright colors. But after wearing the red dress, I totally feel like shopping for more red color outfits. 

In total, I'm grateful for everything that happened during this lovely festive season. From the food , amazing views and lovely time spent with my loved ones. It's just simply memorable and amazing (: hope everyone had a lovely Christmas celebration too! 

How did you guys celebrated your Christmas? ❤️ 

Thank you for reading! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Getting Ready For X'Mas W Me

Christmas is coming in exactly 4 days, I have been preparing for awhile already. It's an important occasion and it's always so exciting cause I get to give gifts and get to receive gifts from friends and families, the best festive season! If you go shopping for gifts now, you'll see so many amazing decorations and gifts to chose from. 

The first thing on my preparation list will be: Christmas Card. 

I decided to make my own Christmas Card this year for some personal touch so that it'll be more memorable. So I go to different Art&Craft Store to look for colorful cards and browse online for different cards ideas. I made around 15 cards with different design and one of my favorite will be this: 

It's simple , easy to do. Do you guys usually make cards or buy cards from store ? 

The second thing on my list will be: finding the perfect place to dine in.

Taken this photo yesterday while eating the pizza at one of the Swedish restaurant, this year I'll be celebrating it with my love ones and it's like a joint effort to find the perfect place to dine in and plan the perfect day. It's best to book early so that there are seats on the actual day itself (: 

The next thing : Gifts 

Getting the perfect gift for everyone is hard, so it takes lots of time and effort to go out shopping for the unique gift. This took me quite long to find the gifts for everybody since I have lots of gifts to get, so I'll go shopping and select the best gift. 

Clothing! The most important aspect ever, I am going to look for the perfect outfit tomorrow to wear on my Christmas Celebration so that I'll look good for all the photos. It's the part where I'll burn a hole in my pocket trying to find the perfect fit, so excited for the shopping trips!!! 

Lastly, I'll be baking gingerbread man or some brownies for all my friends and families <: to celebrate this lovely day! 

Have you guys started preparing for Christmas yet? (: what do you usually plan to do first on such a day! Hope you guys have a lovely and wonderful Christmas ahead of you! 

Merry Christmas in advance! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Le Petite French

Getting my hair up in a bun and going on a french food adventure, wore my green checkered shirt that's my new collection with white high waisted shorts for the girl next door look. High Waisted Shorts will always be comfortable when lots of walking is required~ put on some white sneaker and going to search for some french food to try out. 

Spotted this lovely wine and cake place that looks pretty so I decided to stop to take some photos. 

Then we found ourself at Le Petite Cuisine, their food is delicious and affordable. I reached the place about 8:30pm so there ain't a lot of people so the environment is really quiet and nice. 

This is their lovely menu, they doesn't charge for service charge or GST so it actually helps to save a bit especially if you're on a date. I ordered the dory fish with rice, it's yummy and have a rich taste. 

The restaurant also offered free bread before your meal so that you can chew  on something before the main course come, which is a great idea! 

That's all for today~ have you try French food before ? (: and if so, do you like it ? 

Thank you for reading (: 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Foodie Journey With Me

It's absolutely my first time reviewing about food related product so I'm quite excited when a BBQ store decided to approach me and asked me review about the Korean BBQ sauce. Since I'm a big eater, anything food related just make me hyped! 

Basically, it's a Singapore-Based BBQ Store , they specialized in selling all BBQ related stuff! Ranging from BBQ equipment to sauce, quite a huge range of product to choose from and their products pricing are very reasonable! So do check them out at : for their lovely items! 

The best thing I like about the sauce is that, they provide instructions and information about how the sauce can be cook~ like whether you want it marinated, BBQ, stir-fried (everything is also possible) I even see that it can be fried as fried rice! Due to exam period, I can't really cook so I'll show you guys a few picture that I gotten online about how the food will turn out with the sauce! 

Beef Bulgogi 

Fried Chicken! Photo credit to different sources (: 

Do head over to: to find out more about them! 

Thank you for reading (: 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Secret Garden

Discovered this lovely place while we went café-hopping at Tiong Bahru, this scenery absolutely remind me of the book I read " The Secret Garden" . Wore white x pink with snapback for the outfit, something simple and casual cause there's a need to walk around a lot at that area. 

Can you spot the differences of the two photos? The pink crotchet top is something I gotten from Bali the last time I went there, never really have the chance to put it to good use till now. Love how light weighted the material felt! 

We went to this café called the " The Orange Thimble" for some tea and coffee , really love the environment there actually I wanted to eat the breakfast set there but we already had something before we went so next time maybe! 

Grapefruit soda, it's my first time trying this fruity mixed soda! Gotten say it tasted super good and it's in this pinkish shade which is adorable. 

Some pizza to end off the day, you won't believe it but it's all handmade and it's just so yummy! Can't believe the amazing cool skill, it's like the best pizza ever plus it's much healthier than fastfood outside!! 

So what do you think about the outfit ? (: and have you ever tried any interesting fruity soda before ? 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sugary Black&White Love

A weekend well spent with my lovely family at Orchard, also known as the town area in Singapore. It's kind of like the best place to hang out during festive season. Read more to find out about my sugar foodie trip~ 

Rocking my checkered skirt with long sleeves top to go for the semi-school girl look while feeling ultra comfortable, love the checkered skirt material cause it's kind of thick giving the right volume and feel. 

Just love all the ornament that's sold in Orchard! It's so colorful and eye-catching, had such a fun time taking photos all over the places. 

We went to a few cafés for tea-time, this one is from TCC! We ordered two sets, it's like the Christmas Special that cost SGD 17.90 each, love the scones and the muffin looks tasty enough already! 

This one is from the Bakerzia , super love their cake! It taste so heavenly, it's super soft and that's this nuts taste in the middle layer of the cake making it extra special! Definitely a must visit if you're going to Orchard (: 

Had a super fun day around town with my family! How'd you usually spend your weekend ? 

Thank you for reading (: