Saturday, August 30, 2014

Loveien19 : Naked Eyes

Today I'm featuring "Loveien19" see through blouse in Purpleish blue color. It's a really unique piece of clothing, recently there's an increase popularity in shear clothing to create a feminine yet sexy look. It's showing the right amount of skins, this piece of clothing can best be pair with the popular cage bra or just any dark color crop too and if you're daring enough do go for black bra! 

You can get it now their Instagram website or Do stay tuned for my next post, I'll be featuring another piece of their clothing. 

Finally meet up with KarEn after so long! So happy that it's holiday already, we went around town to eat food and shop around. So I'm gonna talk about Starbuck today, we went to the one in cineleisure! I had Belgium waffles for dinner, it's only SGD 3.40 with honey, super affordable and worth it! Best to satisfied myself when I have cravings for dessert~ 

Don't get hungry after seeing this post! 

Thank you for reading my blogpost (: 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daisy and Cafés

Daisy skirt in pale blue color just never gets old, skirt is probably the easiest kind of clothing to goes with any outfit and it just won't go wrong. Decided to wear this outfit to go cafe hopping with my friends around Tiong Bahru. We went to a few cafés and that area is just perfect to take photos! 

P.S Cafe, I finally found it! I remember I went to Dempsey Hill trying to find this Cafe but ended up at Dome Cafe instead. P.S Cafe have a lovely atmosphere but the aircon was pretty cold, all the cakes look so yummy in there and they also have wide range of tea selection! 

It's the best place to just get a cup of tea and sit down there with friends to chit chat and catch up! 

Their cakes costs around $8-$15 , theor tea $5.50-$7. 

Flock Cafe: 

This cafe is perfect for breakfast and brunch, we went there for breakfast! Their food are cheaper than P.S Cafe, the scramble eggs: $7.50 and pasta costs around $14.90. Their pasta portion looks big and I think it'll be perfect for lunch!! Too bad we reached there too early. 

I love their scramble egg! It's like so tasty even after finishing the whole thing including the bread, I still want more of it. There's another cafe that we wanted to visit but it was close on that day ): . 

I'll probably go back tiong bahru for more cafés hunting and try out their food! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#OOTD + Autumn Wish-list

It's been awhile since I last posted an ootd post cause I have been busy with exam and didn't have time to snap a decent photo! Autumn is like the season where it's not really hot nor cold so pairing it with a light starry cardigan will make it perfect for this season! 

This is my last week of holiday before my new term starts! Perfect timing to update my autumn wishlist, there are currently lots of stuff I want to buy and below are some which I might get during September! 

Spongebob Moschino's Bag 

I find this tiny spongebob bag ultra adorable and cute, it'll be such a perfect accessories to add on to outfit! It's also so unique and it's a must in my collection ! Can't wait to get my hands on it next month~ 

Another Moschino bag I'm crazy about will be this design in red, it's just so cute. Personally, I have a thing for design with tongue sticking out (weird or what) . I can't decide between this or the spongebob one! Both of them are so adorable, what do you guys think? 

Rabbit Sneaker, bunny bunny! This is so chic and funky with the bunny ear, too adorable to wear out! If I ended up getting them, I'll probably wear it around my house and take tons of picture of it! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thoughts on food

Food - Something that keeps me happy, an essential. 

I always have a hard time understanding why I am only allow to eat 3 meals a day: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Whenever I go out, I'll be the one that ask " what are we gonna have for the next meal" even though I just ate something. I think eating is more than just keeping the body functional, it's something that makes me happy. Who cares about the extra calories of the ice cream, chocolate pie, waffles with cream? As long as it makes me happy, I'm gonna eat them. 

So I'm more than happy when I tried out Kraze Burger in Marina Bay Sands (MBS). But I didn't exactly eat the burger there, I ate their spaghetti and it's delicious. 

Pricing: $14-$30 

Actually I wanted to order the kids meal cause it's so adorable, the kids meal comes in 3 different design and it's only $10. But I didn't get the chance to order it but the next time I go, I'll absolutely order the kid meal! 

Will update a Fashion or Beauty post on my next update if possible (: 

Thank you for reading. x 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Accessories Craze

Last night, I spent nearly 2 hours trying to re-arrange my room cause it was in a completely messy condition. I got nagged by my parent so many times to get it done and I don't know what came over me but I decided to do it anyway, I threw away 5-6 big plastic bag of waste. It was such a relief, I was so drained and tired after clearing everything out. This was the result of the cleaning, I make use of one of the empty space to use it as my accessories storage. I just hope that the necklaces won't tangle up and most importantly, I hope it won't get messy again!
I am thinking of installing mini lights inside this space so it'll look super pretty in the dark. 

Recently just gotten this heart-shape sunglasses sponsored by: SpreelyShoppy , it's super adorable and not to mention it totally stands out from the usual sunglasses. I love the ombre effect of the sunglasses and I will be pairing it up with one of my outfit soon to get the full #ootd shot. Do look out for that~ 

That's the heart-shape sunglasses under normal lighting! Super vintage like and great add on accessories to spice up the outfit.
Personally, I feel that accessories plays a big role in the whole outfit feel even though it look tiny and insignificant but it's actually very important. The wrong accessories can jeopardize whichever look you are trying to create so choosing the right sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces etc can be an important aspect to look into.  
What do you guys feel that accessories are an important part of an outfit? Do let me know.
Thank you for reading. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bye Summer, Hello Fall

Summer is finally coming to an end, autumn is here. That's the first fall outfit, pairing the checkered top and high waisted jeans, the checkered top is so comfortable and I think it's the best outerwear to go with everything. 

I'm wearing the grey crop top I bought online cause it's really cute, grey is such a neutral color to go with everything. 
Top: BraceletCandy 
Outerwear: Cotton On 
Bottom: TopShop 
Shoes: Sym.Metrix 
Took this photo at Danga Bay Johor Bahru, the sunset is really pretty! Danga Bay have a few nice restaurent, fun fair, beach and I think it's a really nice place to take photo! I just went there at a wrong timing that's why it isn't the best timing to take #ootd photo. 

Thank you for reading my blogpost. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bricks n Cubes Café: Reclaiming Childhood

Source: Google 

I was too excited when I saw this cafe so I didn't get to snap a nice photo. The cafe look so cute and totally remind me of my childhood when I play with the Legos. It's situated at The Cathay, 2 Handy Road. 

The menu consist of hot dogs, a huge selection of cakes, teas, juice and coffee. The tea is refillable which makes it a perfect place to go with friends or go on dates, to just sit down there and chit chat! 

Source: My IPhone

The best thing about the cafe will be that, there's an iPad with games attached to each table. When I see the iPad, I'm like "Oh Yes, Game + Food = Perfection" . The game are all the Legos related game, it's super cuteee and it's absolutely the best thing ever. 

I didn't like the tiramisu cause I'm not a big fan of coffee related stuff but I love the English Breakfast Tea. The services at the cafe was absolutely great (: 

Thank you for reading (: 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ad: WhatIShopToday

Top: WhatIShopToday 
Bottom: Forever 21 
Shoes: Blogshop 

WhatIShopToday have a whole range of pretty clothing that's absolutely suitable for everyday-to-day wear. Their clothing are very stylish and the pricing is very affordable. Their services are very good, prompt replies and I think that's very important for an online retail shop! 

I love their clothing quality, the top I received was really good. The colors are fresh and vibrant, easy to put on and I think it's the perfect piece for summer! 

Do check out their Instagram and Facebook. 

Instagram: WhatIShopToday 
Facebook: WhatIShopToday 

Discovered a really cute cafe yesterday, can't wait to share with you guys during the next blogpost. 

Thanks for reading! (: 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dempsey Hill : Dome Cafe

Dempsey Hill. Another lovely place in Singapore that's a must to visit, there are so many cafés, restaurent and shops to chose from for lunch/ dinner. It's actually hard to find by bus or mrt so I took a cab there, if you take from commonwealth area it'll cost around $8 for cab which is quite reasonable. 

At first, we wanted to visit the P.S Cafe but when we reach there we can't seem to find the cafe. So we ended up in Dome Cafe, the food there usually range around $12-$18 fairly reasonable. 

Dome Cafe 

The environment look really vintage and nice, a very nice place to go with friends or for date. 

That's the seafood spaghetti I ordered. 
SGD 14.90 
It's super yummy, there are: prawn, squid, clams inside. The best thing about this dish will be the prawn, it tasted so fresh and delicious not like the usual prawn that I eat outside. It even taste much better than Batam Prawn. 

There are gonna have exam coming up in 2 days time, that explained the lack of outfit posts on my blog and Instagram. Will absolutely update more after my exams and I'll review about a new hair curler that I have gotta, can you guys guess which hair curler brand is that? 

Thank you for reading. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Since Summer + Fitness

Top: Forever 21 
Shoes: Sym.Metrix 
Checkered Jacket: Blogshop 
Bag: MCM 

Something simple for the day, being wanting to wear this yellow top for a few days now but didn't find anything to match it with until I decided to pair it up with the checkered jacket! 

Love the shoes from sym.metrix, it's a super chic and sporty shoes. They are so nice and sponsored me such lovely shoes, you can get it now from . 

Let's talk about fitness routine, I'm not some fitness expert but I like finess related stuff and I like to do sports, so I kind of do exercise on a day-to-day basis. 

My fitness routine consist of working out 6 days in a week in the gym unless I'm sick or just feel too drained. 

My gym routine: 
1) Cardio 
2) Weightlifting 

My cardio usually involves running on the treadmill, minimum of 20 minutes and maximum of 60 minutes usually at the speed of 9-11! I'm trying to run speed 12 soon to try out something new. 

Another cardio activity I do will be biking, usually biking I'll do about 30 minutes or more. I'll also mix up swimming and running if I have lots of energy on that day. I'll go for a run then swim. 

Weightlifting will be the arms, legs and squats. I focuses more on squats cause who don't want the fit butt that look good with a bikini now especially now that it's summer! 

Lastly, mat workout! A must for me to do after cardio. I'll do for my abs, stretching etc to end off my workout. 

Will talk about the importance of rest day on my next post. (: 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Curel Sebum Care Package

Sponsored: Curel, SampleStore 

Excessive sebum will always be a day to day problem that I face and it's one of the top leading problems of pimples, as it causes flare up within the skins. So choosing the best facial care will be important, Curel sebum skin care package will be solution. 

This Curel package strengthen skin barriers function and have oil & acne control which is the solution to achieving perfect skin. 

This packages comprises of: 
1) Foaming Facial Wash 
2) Moisturizer Gel 
3) a Lotion 

It offers the best package to manage skin sensitivity and sebum care. Curel is the no.1 leading Japanese brand to care for Asian skins. 

Sebum Care Foaming Wash, it consist of fine foam with sebum solvent to thoroughly cleanse dirt and excess sebum to prevent the forming of pimples. 

The texture is very light and easy to use, as it's foam it doesn't irritated skins which is perfect for sensitivity skin. 

Sebum care lotion and moisturizer. 

This two product can be use after cleansing, the lotion is non-sticky and after applying it on for 3seconds it's so light that it doesn't even feel like it's there. 

Afterwards, moisturizer can be apply. The lotion allows better absorption of moisturizer. The texture of the moisturizer feels good, can be found on easily and the application is fairly easy and simple! 

With Curel it definitely helped my skins improved and all the visible spots become less visible and the acne/ pimples are being kept at bay. 

You can get yours now at Watsons/ Guardian from $19.80-$34.80 or find out more 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A trip around Batam.

Top: Forever 21 
Dungarees: Carousell 
Bottom: Rubi 
Bag: The Twinees 

Remember that I was talking about, trip planning in my earlier post. I actually planned a trip to Batam and here's the update about it and it might actually help people who wants to go there in the future! 

That's my outfit when I went to Batam yesterday, it's been a long and wonderful day. I started off my journey at 8:40am, woke up at 6am to prepare and had a hearty breakfast at Hans. The boat ride to Batam, took about 45 minutes. I was too busy talking to fall asleep~ 

Once we reached, I went and bought a sims card that allows me to get 3G at around SGD 9 for 2GB. Then we took a cab to waterfront city BUT it was actually closed down and all the sports activities moved to Hollandview City, so it was a wasted trip. The total cab fare for this is around SGD 21.50 (200,000 Rupeeh) . Did I mentioned that the cab fare in Batam is freaking overprice and too expensive ? 

At the Hollandview city we did kayaking! Super fun and quite cheap, it's around SGD 10 for double kayaking for about 30 minutes. It has pretty nice view, serene environment to chit chat and kayak! Just make sure you don't fall into the river cause it might actually stink. 

Walking straight after doing kayaking wasn't the smartest choice, we opt to walk to the nearest restaurent known as "Golden Prawn" since it's the only restaurent there. It's not like we have any choice but we took about 20-30 minutes to walk there but the weather was such a killer. 
Golden Prawn food, the food is yummy and delicious but the Golden Prawn surely doesn't match the prawn it served. The prawn we ordered were like the super tiny size one, totally different from what I expected. But the price was pretty reasonable, everything is around SGD 3-SGD 8. 

Cab Price: From Golden Prawn- Beach- Ngogaya Hill (SGD 27) - cheapest cab we took, it's like a black car type do look out for it if you're going to batam. It'll be the cheapest cab ever. 

Batam Beach, I was the only awkward turtle wearing bikini there. Everyone else was covered up, definitely something new. The view was nice from afar, there's also this nice cafe there selling the best food I had in Batam. 

Featuring: Starwberry Booster, Strawberry Milkshake. 

Price: SGD 2.9 for each, something you can't find in Singapore cafe for such a price. 

We did something really silly and fun there, it's something I'll never ever dare to try again but I had such a good laugh over it. 

Ngogaya Hill Shopping Centre, the stuff there are really cheap but just different from my taste. Bought soft toy there for my brother, they usually sell clothing, perfume, make up etc. 

Balerang Bridge, it's like one of the famous tourist attraction there. It's actually nothing much, just a lot of street food selling corns, cup noodles, bottled water etc. Almost all the stores sell the same thing but too bad I didn't get to try them. 

We had dinner at one of the local restaurent there, the food was really delicious. But we had problem ordering the food due to little bit of communication problem, I think it's a wonderful experience to experience the real life local culture there. 

That sums up the trip to Batam, it's a wonderful and enjoyable time there to relax. It's funny that we spend almost half of our money on cabbing, in total it'll be a nice place to go with your boyfriend/ girlfriend to get to know each other better and bond cause there are actually lots of stuff to talk about during all the long cab rides.