Thursday, February 27, 2014

Indie Style- Let's go wild

Top: Knitted Pullover (Cotton On) 
Pants : High Waisted Shorts 
Shoes: Boots 
ArmCandies : Forever 21 
Necklaces : Forever 21 

I adored the indie style and the bohemian feel so much it's like so relax and every outfits is so unique and just one of a kind. So I found this feathery knitted pullover lying around in my closet and decided to make a whole different outfit out of it. It's super comfortable and it's in white the best color to style! 

My tights look kind of huge due to squatting that's kind of my favorite exercise cause it's simple and give you perky butt. -awkward- and yes I do gym 5-6 times a week though I don't look like those type that do this stuff. It's my favorite thing to do during the day, gyming. It consists of jogging for 20minutes, 50 squats with 9kg weights and abs exercise on the mat and chest press! 

Back to the topic, 
I think I might need to go shopping for more outfits like this cause it's so unique and I never thought I'll make outfits like this! I kind of went and collected my race pack (marathon) yesterday and I'm kind of disappointed by what it has got inside. It only contained a tank top, booklet, tiger balm rub , race bibs and that's that can you imagine queuing up for over an hour for that? I totally didn't sign up for this. 

I gotta admit the race shirt is pretty eye catching cause of the color and everything but the race pack is just such a sigh. 

Lastly, I received 2 beauty box the past week and I'm wondering if you guys will want me to do a review about the beauty boxes and probably host a giveaway on some of the beauty product ? What do you guys think! Thanks for reading! 

Ending off with a picture of my cutest friend and I with our race bibs. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catch that scent with that floral prints

Top : Cotton On (See Through Shirt) 
Skirt : Berksha (Floral Skirt) 
Sneaker: BubbleGum Shoe 

You know everyone has that time where they need some time alone to think through stuff especially when everything is pilling up with nowhere to breath? I decided to take this time to go to the garden area and take a break away from everything. So I pick up this outfit with the floral skirt so that it's connecting with the wild and the environment I'm going, 100% going into zen mood. 

It was nice that I wore a pencil skirt cause the wind is blowing pretty strong and pencil skirt don't hitch up or fly which is perfect. Trampling round the gardens leaving my footprint behind with that comfortable sneaker that I have been wearing for a few outfit now. 

Trampling round the area is fun cause everything is so green there which gave me a new inspiration to try to wear a whole green outfit for saving the earth day or something or maybe I can try creating pieces with leaf and everything on it! It's good to get outdoor once in awhile to take that fresh air instead of cobbling up at home and watch my favorite drama series. 

Lastly, I'm having heavy shopping addiction (e-shopping) I keep visiting online website to purchase new stuff and there are over 20 items waiting to be deliver to my house. Ugh, it can be so good yet bad at the same time. Good cause shopping makes you feel good and new clothes is just yay, time to style more looks but the bad side is like spending unnecessary money at items that I don't really need. It's just so hard to find a balance between getting enough stuff and not falling into the advertising holes. 

Lastly I have got a MARATHON coming up this Sunday, I'm so nervous yet excited cause it's my first time running a 10km! The last time I ran was 5km so I'm trying to train myself to get better stamina and all, can't wait for Sunday to update you guys more about my marathon on the day itself! 

Till the next time! Thank you for reading my post, you guys are the sweetest. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Make it casual, Make it work.

Tank Top : Forever 21 
Checkered Jacket : Cotton On 
Leggings : Topshop 

"It's going to be a long day" , how can I feel comfortable and not appear like I just roll out of bed kind of look. - I get that all the time after I get into university, overwhelmed with all the assignment, deadlines and classes. Yesterday I finally had a day off and my friend and I decided to went cafe hopping so it'll required much walking and not to mention sweating cause it's unbearably hot recently and all the grass turned so dry and flanky. 

So I decided to put together my newly arrived jeggings to work, I love jeggings cause it's so comfortable and I don't have to break into it like jeans! Along with the white tank top and checkered jackets which is to create a layering look along with the simple look! 

Also sneaker is super comfortable when you're going on a long day, it's just like the best thing ever but on different occasion like formal occasion or going on a date I'll most likely go with heels and bear with the heels! 

Speaking of which my new heels hauls, can't wait for it to arrive and yeah I went online shopping again. It's like so addictive to add everything in the cart and imagine wearing them out, so tempting and I fell for the temptations and ended up with 2 heels! 

I'll talk more about it when it arrived but overall I just love both the design very much cause it's super pretty and stylish. 

Guess what just arrived at my doorstep today? Michael Kors wallet, like finally. I love the color of the wallet, it's in this soft pastel pink color and the design is just elegant and I think I'll be using it for awhile before looking for a new wallet! 

-with my brother, so what do you think about the outfit and the hauls? (: 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Twirling, Laugh and Fall

Top: Feathery Top 
Skirt : Auburn Maxi Skirt 
Shoe : Sneaker 

So yesterday I decided to wear my maxi skirt once again but creating an entirely different look with this, I added a bit of edginess to it with the sneaker to lots of people it might be pretty odd to wear a sneaker with a skirt but to me I think fashion have no limits and I'm willingly to break boundaries. It's also ultra comfortable to walk in and sneaker is my best campinion when it's a shopping date! 

I like the first picture it look as if I have some magical power to lift the skirt up without using any strength. I tried walking around in this outfit at the beach and out shopping along wih dinner so it's proven to be effective and the feet and everything won't feel draggy so yay perfect outfit for a long day when the weather is not as hot! 

That's the place I dined at, it's super vintage and have this horse riding kind of feel but the food portion is too small for my liking. Personally, I prefer food that taste nice and the portion is just right cause I'm quite a big water and when you give me small portion- I'm just like : 
" you gave me good food but in small portion, my stomach just doesn't feel satisfied even after the meal" . 

I love the background it's so pretty. So what do you think about my outfit ? (: 

Also, I'm currently collaborating with SampleStore so I'll be reviewing about their product soon! Do stay tuned, it's an amazing store with lots of interesting feature. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bring in the new kicks

Top : Pullover (Knitted)
Shorts : Floral HWS 
Sneaker : NB Sneaker 

- WARNING - Seaweed Monster Out On. A Loose 

Oh yeah! I have got green hair now- "whut?" Yeah you read that correctly I have got seaweed like green hair the process of how I got it is pretty funny like I had purple hair and it faded into green so I tried to use the bleach (twice) to make it okay but then it turned into a lighter green so I'm stuck with this hair for awhile now. 

Wearing my dark blue knitted pullover even though the weather is a little bit crazily hot but it's still bearable, I think knitted wear is really comfortable and easy to wear without paying much attention to it like you know college kids like us don't usually have time to dress up with everything that's going! 

My new kicks are in, remember the new balance shoe I posted that I ordered online! It's finally here, yay yay! Another tips for people who are always in a hurry or for a laze day, sneaker is a good to go and almost go with everything and create this edgy feeling when you pair it with a skirt or dress! 

I'm trying to break it into the new shoe, it's always the hardest process like everything is so tight! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ready for some vampire activities?

ModCloth Vintage Fashion

BB Dakota a line dress
125 SGD -

Dr. Martens dr martens shoes
175 SGD -

Woven backpack
88 SGD -

Retro style jewelry
13 SGD -

Elephant earrings
13 SGD -

Rose necklace
15 SGD -

Bridal flower crown
57 SGD -

Thai Style? K-trend? Funky-look? Trendy Pieces? Check it out! What's more exciting than quirky vintage look? Putting together pieces that are really unique are really fun and interesting, all of this elegant pieces are from ModCloth. I chose a base to start off which is the dress, I must say it have interesting name I like the sound of Dakota it reminds me of vampire.

For starter, the yellow dress with floral prints absolutely bring us back to 1950s fashion where everyone did the retro dancing and have funky hair. (Great starter)

Then I decided the headpiece which is the floral headband- super trendy and popular now. Adding a hint of modern day vintage feel to the funky style to make it more elegant, who won't like a floral headband to feel like a princess now and then ?

The Accessories Part I went along with rose theme cause red, rose symbolizes love and gentleness to further enhance the floral feel to the dress like red and yellow warm tone matching it together. The earrings part, I want to try out something that's more Thai Style which is the elephant earrings super adorable and the silver color adding a little bit of boldness to it.

All of a sudden , while pairing everything up I got the feel for Alice in the wonderland and Red Riding Hood and I decided to put together the mushroom backpack and be like why not just give it a try ? It's kind of like the Korean fashion to carry backpack but this backpack absolutely look so cartoon and anime like which is pretty unique.

Lastly, the shoes part. Since there are already lots of colors in this whole piece of outfit, I decided to tone it down a little and go with white with a little tribal prints on it.

In conclusion, it looks really trendy and create this cute girl look and it'll definitely stand out from the crowd. This look is more towards the adventurous side matching all the prints and different design together, I love putting clothes together especially after it's done I felt so accomplish! ModCloth does create a very unique and elegant line of clothing, which I personally enjoys a lot.

What do you think of this look? Yay or Nah?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Bunny Love

Top : Bunny 
Skirt : Skater Skirt 
Shoes : Boots 
Bag : Criss-Cross Bohemian Bag 
Water Bottle : Typo 

Happy Belated Valentine's Day guys, how'd it went ? Hopefully it turned out perfect and wonderful for everyone. I did something crazy on feb 14 , stay tuned and continue reading. So I decided to put together this simple outfit for the day, it's supposed to be a lovey dovey day and I just bought the bunny blouse which is too adorable so I decided to try it on. 

Usually it isn't my style to wear something like this cause long sleeve just ain't my taste but well as usual I loved it after I try it on like it's so comfy! My valentine's day was well spent to wake up with lots of sweet wishes like everyone is so nice and sweet I just can't -friends, families and neighbor, the best part was the Mac Donald supper at night with my neighbor like it's just so nice to go out at night to have ice cream - chocolate cause it's valentine day and chit chat! 

Anyway, valentine's day is just like any other day but it's a great day to doll yourself up and give thanks to people you care about. It also give me great inspiration to do different style and try out new clothing that's what I love about fashion there isn't any limit. 

So feb 14th is the day where you expressed your feelings to everyone you treasure and care about so I decided to do something that I never dreamt I'll ever do in like a 100 years but I'm glad I done it anyway it's better to let it out than to keep on guessing. It's better to communicate what you feel rather than keeping it bottle or maybe I'm just a very direct kind of person? 

How'd your day went and did anything interesting happen ? (: 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Purple Poise

Hi! I'm back with an outfit post, I just love this top so much. It kind of look like a dress over here but it isn't but it's just the perfect length to pass off as a dress, super easy to pair it with almost everything cause it's in white and white are just the best color to go with everything! 

Recently I read about "detox diet" online and I was kind of inspired to do a similar outfit from it which I ended up creating this look! The detox diet is all about cleansing your body out, cleansing which brings me to the white outfit and all along with the bag which is in black which represented the black toxins clinging on to our body waiting to be cleanse out.

Have anyone try the detox diet before ? I have read that I'm restricted from some food and it'll last through 3 weeks timeframe, it's going to be exciting I guess but I'm just afraid I won't pull through it cause the restriction barriers are rather high like cannot eat carbs, beef, processed food (my favorite- which means I can't eat fast food for 3 weeks). 

Today will be my day 1, I hope my detoxify really goes well! Will update you guys on how my detoxify went and maybe afterward everyone can give it a try too! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Plum Hair + Giveaway

Hi guys! Today will be on a beauty post talking about how I get my plum purple hair and there will also be a GIVEAWAY at the end of the blog post do read till the end! So before I actually decided to dyed my hair, I actually read up relating blog post and watch Youtube video about how to get dip dyed hair myself! It's super important to actually get enough information before you set about doing anything!

So after reading through everything, I ended up buying hair bleach - Lolane and directions hair color (plum) online.

Watch my YouTube Tutorial here : Plum Dip Dyed Tutorial

I gotten 2 packets of this hair bleach but I ended up using one only cause I am just dip dyeing my hair, I leave it on for about 15 to 30 minutes. I checked it occasionally to see if the color changes and once it changes to a very light blond color, I stopped the hair dying and wash it out cause leaving hair bleach for too long might cause your hair to break.

That's how my hair look like after I bleached my hair, it was a bit dry and rough but it's similar to my hair condition already so luckily it didn't ended up like other people that state it's in a unbearable state!

After I tower dried my hair for around 5 minutes, I prepared the direction crazy colors in plum. I used 1/4 of the plum colors and 6 parts of the conditioner, mix it up together and it come out in this deep shade of purple. I leave it on about for 10 minutes cause the longer you leave it on the darker the color it'll become and I don't really like darker color so meh a lighter shade of purple will be better!

It come up in this shade of purple color, it wasn't very light nor very dark! I am 85% pleased with the result of the colors but it doesn't show up much during the night cause it isn't obvious enough so I might change to other colors like Pastel Pink next week or something(:

GIVEAWAY TIME : Marcs Jacobs Inspired Daisy Earrings (Pink)

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