Sunday, June 29, 2014

Collection Cosmetic Primed & Ready Make Up

Hey! So excited to review the "Collection Cosmestics Primed&Ready Make Up" , it's totally essential to prime and get my face ready before applying any sunscreen or BB Cream with SPF. 

It helps to minimize the pores and act as a layer of protection between all the sunscreen and make up products to prevent skin clogging. 

The texture is super smooth and easily glide on, it doesn't have any weird smell. Easy to apply and even when the weather is hot, it doesn't make my face sticky. 

1) Before applying the collection cosmetics prime & ready make up. 

2) The translucent prime and ready make up. Super smooth as such doesn't need to squeeze out a lot of the product. 

3) After applying the product, as you can see, the prime & ready is barely visible- which means it's good and doesn't affect the make up that's being put on afterward. 

After applying the primed and ready make up. It feels super light and will be the best product to get my face ready for the day (: 

Lastly, do LIKE the Collection Cosmestic Facebook Page at for more update. You can also get the item at any Watson Stores, BHG, Newly open BHG Bugis and even at their pop-up store at Cineleisure Level 2. 

So what do you think about the item? (: 

Sponsored: SampleStore , Collection Cosmetic SG. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

OOTD: Henderson Wave Adventure

Top: Blogshop 
Bottom: Forever 21 
Necklace: Forever 21 

Decided to do a little adventure check with my good friend around Singapore, we went on shopping trip at Bugis area first cause it's GSS. It's like one of the thing you can't miss, Great Singapore Sales. Tourist should totally come during May to July, all the shopping will be totally worth it. 

Then we decided to picnic at Henderson Wave, the view is totally breathtaking. It isn't really hard to find, if you're taking the public transport route. 

- HabourFront Mrt, Exit D. Get to the opposite side to take after exiting out of D, take bus 145. Alight after 5 stops, then you'll see the amazing bridge! 

(All the sinister calories gaining snacks that we bought from Lotte Market- super delicious though so I don't really care about the calories gaining part) ; it cost the total of $15 for all this and the person even gave us free snacks! ㅋㅋㅋ

It's super tiring to climb all the way up especially during late noon but it gets a little windy about 6-7pm and the sun doesn't really set until 6:45pm. Best place to picnic, chit chat and take photos but BEWARE of the ants that steal food! 

So in total, it's super fun to go on little adventure like this. So have you guys go on adventure like this before? 

And what do you think about my outfit choice? 

Thanks for reading till the end(: 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OOTD: Summer Vibe 2014

Top: Berksha 
Bottom: BraceletCandy 
Heels: StyleNanda 
Bag: Celine Paris 

Black is usually the dark color that's not commonly use for summer since summer are all about colors but I decided to style up my black x black with something special this time- White Polka Dots. If the whole outfit is black then it'll be too boring for summer, so midi skirt with dots are my summer vibes.

What do you think about midi skirt? Have you try something like that before?

This photos are taken at "Garden By The Bay" , one of the famous tourist attraction in Singapore. Consisting of flowers, tree top walk, amazing restaurant and the light shows at 7pm which is a must watch. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

OOTD: StreetSnap

Top: New Look 
Jacket: Cotton On 
Heels: Stylenanda

Hi guys! I'm mixing up the black color with some colorful checkered jacket to make it look more alluring, I realized that a checkered jacket is totally an essential in any outfit to make it unique and stand out more. It'll look weird if I just plainly wear the top, it's either a love or hate style. 

Will you try out this kind of look? 

I love the Stylenanda heels, it's super comfortable and black color just goes well with anything. I guess black is kind of my color for this summer and a Stylenanda shop just opened in Singapore at Orchard Gateaway so it's totally awesome since I don't need to have long waiting time for overseas shipping already! 

Do you have a pair of your favorite heels? 

Thank you for reading the blogpost! (: 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

BeautyPost : Beaute Forest Mask

Beaute Forest Mask// Samplestore

All my readers are entitled to redeem Beaute Forest Mask, do read till the end to find out how to redeem it! (: 

Super thrilled when I received the Beaute Forest Mask to do reviews as the weather is getting pretty hot, yesterday the temperature was around 34 degree Celsius and I nearly die of heat stroke. 

So masks are totally an essential in weather like this. 

It's my first time trying out the brand and personally I love the moisturizing effects it does to my skin making it smoother which allows me to put on the rest of my make up with much ease after applying the mask. 

Oh!! The price is super affordable too, it range from $8.90 to $10.90 per box. Each box comes with 4-6 sheets of mask. 

There are 5 different types of Beaute Forest Mask.

1) Q10& Silk Protein Fine Fairness Mask 
- This mask helps to nourish the face and promotes former and skin elasticity. 

Super great for people who are working long hours and not getting enough rest, to use this mask to replenish all the elasticity effects. 

2) Milk & Cherry Blossom Moisturizing Mask 
- Milk tha nourishes skin for smoother and softer skin perfect before any important events or dates! 

Perfect to moisturize the dry skin especially during hot weather, to give the skin a good treatment and pampering effects. 

3) Truffle & Resveratrol Whitening Mask 
- helps to lighten skin tone and provides overall skin renewal. 

Wanna stay white and pale with flawless skin during the hot summer? (: this is the perfect mask to help achieve the whitening and skin renewal effects to remove dead skin. 

4)Witch Hazel & Chamomile Soothing Mask
- Natural astringent , ultra soothing effects on skin. 

After a long day, what's more perfect than using a mask to get all the stress away and make the skin smooth and silky. 

5) Aloe & Cactus Moisturizing Pack 
- Consist of Aloe & Cactus Mask & Moisturizing Lotion for after use. 

- provides hydration and nourishment for skins. 

Perfect 2-in-1 packet to keep skin hydrated even after using the mask! (: 

Do "LIKE" Watsons Sg Facebook page at for more information about the mask and do head over to SampleStore to redeem a Beaute Forest Q10 & Silk Protein Fine Fairness Mask. 


Thank you for reading the post! What do you guys think about the mask? 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

OOTD: Trip around river safari

Top: Cotton On 
Shorts: Forever 21 
Shoes: Cotton On 
Backpack: Jacksports 

I went to the zoo with my friends in this outfit since it's fairly hot now due to the summer weather. It's super fun to go river safari, to see all the cute animals and the panda!!! In Singapore river safari, there's the boat ride thing too where you pay extra $5 to take the ride and see animals like "Jaguar, Wolf, Flamingos etc" . It's totally worth the visit, the price is fairly reasonable too. 

Adult: $25 
Kid: $16 

There's the panda section which is kind of my favorite since it's fully aircon, the timing that we went was around 10am to 12pm but it's burning hot at around 11am so I will chose to hide inside the panda facilities forever since it's super cooling and I gotta see panda, red fox pandas which are super adorable! 

That's the boat ride I was talking about earlier on, the whole ride takes about 12 minutes. The day that we went might be too hot so throughout the whole ride, I only got to see some animals while 65% of the animals were hiding in the shade. 

I also learned how to pronounce Jaguar, all along I thought Jaguar was pronounced as "JA-GUAR" but apparently my friends corrected me and be like it's "JE-GU-AR" in that weird tone. I was like betting it's JAGUAR but turned out I was wrong T.T. -devastated- 

Lastly, there's this restaurant inside the river safari which sell panda bun and panda latte in a very adorable design. However, the queue that day was horribly long so I didn't get to try it out which was a pity since the panda bun was chocolate filled. If anyone pop by the river safari,do pack some panda bun for me! 

Till next time~ 

Monday, June 16, 2014

BeautyPost: Asience Treatment Hair Mask + Giveaway

Received the Asience Hair Treatment Mask from Samplestore, this hair mask is to help intensively moisture and heals hair- repairing it from inside out to heals hair which is really useful for people who dyed hair (countless amount of time). 

The effects will last up to 96 hours within a single application, it consist of all the beauty essence e.g Korean ginseng, Lotus flower etc which is good for the hair! 

Other than face, hair is the second thing people notice about you so caring for your hair is an important steps not to be overlook! 

After using the Asience hair treatment mask my hair really feels softer and smoother, even my friend commented about my hair condition improving. 

Before that, my hair condition was really horrible as I dyed my hair occasionally so it's really in a bad condition for awhile now until I started trying out this product- the hair locks really feel softer and can feel that it's improving. It also have long lasting effects which is perfect for a long day out. 

Lastly, do head over to SampleStore now to redeem your free Asience Hair Treatment Mask specifically entitle for my readers. - 

You can also get it now at Watsons/ Guardian for $18.90 each. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

OOTD: Colorful Mix + Kawaii Sushi

Hat: Hater's Hat 
Cardigan: Cotton On 
Bottom: Forever 21 
Top: Forever 21 
Shoes: Cotton On 

Singapore weather is getting so humid and hot so I fell sick for a couple of time this month, I picked up this simple outfit with a cardigan and shorts for a sick day to look more colorful and less sick. Took the photo at the Botanical Garden Stadium, super nice place to exercise during evening and just chill. 

During the few days that I'm sick and stuff, I kind of took the time off to visit new sushi place in Singapore. There's one in Orchard Gateaway, known as Genki Sushi. It's the cutest sushi place ever, the restaurant serve food in Hello Kitty plate and there's this little train that deliver your food. 

The price is fairly affordable and the portion is just nice, the best thing about the sushi place is that it serve western food. Like a mixture of cultural style so you don't just have to focus on having Japanese food there. 

I'm so blown away by the train, cute plates and high technology ordering system (I kind of still live in the Stone Age of wanting to get my orders down in paper & pen) . 

Anyway, what do you think of about my outfit? Have you visited sushi restaurant like that? 

Thanks for reading (: 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

OOTD: Disney Princess Turn Bad

Top: Disney Princess 
Bottom: NB 
Accessories: Hater Hat/ Color Run Socks
Bag: MCM 

High knee socks, my first attempt with it! And I fell in love with it cause it's super comfortable and I actually gotten it during one of the Color Run Marathon. Usually black with black isn't totally my style cause I love playing with colors but well exceptional days happens. I wore this outfit to Sentosa Island, one of the tourist attraction in Singapore. 

Well, we went around sentosa to find nice places to take photos and ate the Slappy Pancake Store, it offered the service which you can DIY your own pancake and cook it by yourself! It's only like $8.50/ bottle of pancake mix. 

Absolutely love to find cute cafés like this to hop around to, another restaurant that we went the other day was at the one at Clarke Quey. I tried the Mopu Tofu dish this time, super delicious! It's like the Korean Version of it~ 아주맛있어요! 

Have you guys try DIY pancake before ? (: and what do you think about high knee socks? Thank you for reading! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

OOTD: Cruising DownTown

Top: Forever 21 
Bottom: New Look 
Shoes: Stylenanda 
Bag: MCM 
Hat: Hater 

Put on this simple outfit to pretend to be tourist for a day around Singapore with my friend, we decided to go to this hidden cafe known as Prive Cafe at Keppel Island. It's really hidden but the view is breathtaking so it's absolutely worth the time, it's located near Haborfront mrt and takes about 5 minutes walk to reach there. 

My favorite part about the café will be that, it serve all day breakfast! I'm a huge sucker for breakfast and how blissful it's that I am still able to have breakfast at the crazy hours of 2pm~ they also have 50% off cakes and tea after 3pm. So if you're looking for a great deal, it'll be absolutely the best place to visit. 

Eggs Benedict, really filling and yummy but I think the aftertaste of too much eggs is a bit too much like it tasted a bit too chessy and overload of eggs. But it's still cute and lovely, so definetely a must visit place. 

So that's basically everything about my pretending to be tourist and discovering hidden place in Singapore, what do you think about the outfit I picked and the café? Are you a huge fans of cafés too?