Sunday, June 30, 2013

Study Break + Stress

So I'm currently on my study break, which is actually not a break at all. It's all about studying for exam every waking moment and it's really getting into me, all those annoying pimples popping out and I'm really stress so it really make me have random mood swing. I wondered how people stands me when I can't even stand myself. 

So I have decided to googled about how to distress and relax. Some of the theories I came out with it myself and through experiencing. 

1) Working Out 

Trust me, this work like wonder and the plus side you'll get a nice and fit body in the end.  Due to the stress I have from exam, I started working out daily and I even find time during study break to do it! It really relieve stress and let off steam, plus if you have experience any down during the day. It'll make you feel much better. 

2) Be content 

People tend to demand too much and look at the down side of life. In order to not get stress and be really happy, try to look at the bright side of life. Writing down 5 things you're happy about every day(:  ! 

3) Give yourself break

Give yourself break once in awhile even in time of exam, find some time to really sit down and enjoy the moment with yourself. Read a book, watch a movie or even take a nap whichever thing goes your way. 

4) Treat yourself snacks 

This works wonder for me, whenever I'm really stress and angry or facing any moment which I hate. I'll treat myself chocolate, ice cream or even cake. The sweetness make me feels much better, I'll consider lays too even though it's not sweet. 

That's all that I can think of right now, hope it helps whoever is reading the blogpost right now: 


Thursday, June 27, 2013


Thinking of joining color run with my babe but it's 5km and I scare I will faint halfway and can't make it since I am a lousy runner but the color run is just too interesting to give it a miss. Imagine running with color and staining your shirt, hair and everything, it's just wonderful. I'm sure I will love the feeling, so color run it's . 

Recently read a book known as " time between us" , it's the most romantic book ever. It talks about a guy who travelled through time and get to know a girl from the 1995 and they fell in love, things got a little bit chaotic and he went back for awhile and in the end he choose to stay. If only this kind of things exist in real life, falling in love in books and movies seems easy but real life falling in love is hard and relationship is not as perfect. 


Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Blog

Hey!! So I decided to start afresh and start a new blog since it's a new year and everything has obviously changed from last year, so why not start something new that I hopefully can keep up and constantly update it with. 

My school term is nearly coming to an end already, 2 more months of it and I think I'll kinda miss it and I will have 4 more months before the new term start again. I am already thinking and planning what I am gonna do during that 4 months, probably travel alone overseas- backpacking trips to Europe. Get a part-time job for the very first time, to gain experience or volunteer at the library as a helper (Y). I might even sign up for tennis class, I got this crazy fetish for sun kissed skin tennis player. 
 Look at that leg, how sexy is that. 

I preferred the beach skin babe rather than pastel white skin color which I kind of have, trying to figure out how I can get tanner so I'll look more tone and fit. Speaking of fit, I am totally engrossed with working out. At first I started out as a way to actually add exercise in my daily routine but later on as I try out more DVD, it changed into something more serious with goals and I can't help but to workout everyday, it's so good that it actually relieve stress and at the same time I enjoyed sweating. 

I started out with really light weight like 1.5kg which at first I thought is super hella light until I actually workout with it, it weights like a freaking dinosaur. But I kind of gotten used to it which means I need to buy more weights and increase the amount as human body kind of adapts easily but yeah, I'm so happy that I have parent that actually support me in this and even encourage me to get weights and workout(: , it's like a family thing now! My mom and brother are totally into working out too :D 

I think that's all for now before it turns into some long essay for my first blog post. :D