Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Singapore Art Museum

Visited Singapore Art Museum for the first time ever! I was inspired to go to the museum after browsing through so many #singaporeartmusem posts on instagram so we decided to put our tourist cap on and head over to the Museum, it's located near Bras Basah Mrt. Less than 5 minutes walk, it's free for Singaporean- Permanent Residents - Students! ❤️ 

 ❤️ I am very into taking photos and it's just the best place for me to snap some #ootd and have affordable date at a new and interesting point, double the bonus. 

All the artworks there are very pretty, there are those little description box beside the artwork to explain about the artwork and the people working in the museum are all so helpful. 

The most interesting thing about the museum is that I saw those little chairs put up beside different artworks, it seems like it's for people to sit there and sketch if they actually want to and I find it very amusing. I will definitely find a day to try to do that ~ 

This art museum is not like your normal museum that are just filled with painting and stuff but this museum actually have plush toy artwork, graffiti drawings and even hands-on activities to try! 

We got the chance to design our own little house with the free postcard that's on display there. Tadaaaa, we have a house together now!


Love the design of this particular wall! This side of the museum have their wall filled with cute little cartoon designs that made it a good spots to take some photos ❤️ 

There's even the place with all the artificial trees that allow us to hang up some colorful candies ❤️ . Mhmm, this place absolutely make me feel like I am in some magical land. 

I think the best part about the whole museum will be the photo-booth machine that just cost me $2 to take 4 different photos that look as if it came out from a Hollywood Film! Always wanted to try out something like and finally get the chance to ~ 

In total, it's like the best date ever! In this art museum that gave us so much fun, I never thought I am the museum sort of person but after this trip to the magic land. It absolutely changed my mind, I might actually go visit more museum around Singapore and hope that I will have the chance to discover something like this again ~~ 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beautify Eyelashes: True Eyelash Beauty

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Get my eyelashes extension done up at this wonderful store known as " True Eyelash Beauty" . I am always in rush for school especially since some classes can start super early, putting on mascara without smudging seems to be a tough job especially when I am half awake. 

So getting an eyelashes extension saves all the trouble!! It's literally like waking up looking like a princess ❤️ read on to find out about my experience at True Eyelash Beauty. 

It's located at : 
Bugis Cube #05-15 
(470 North Bridge Road) 

INSTAGRAM: teyelash
Facebook :
It's directly opposite bugis junction so it's very easy to find and accessible! 

The service there are really good! It's the FIRST eyelashes extension store that I went to that actually show me a list of eyelashes for me to choose from, my beautician Peggy & Angeline helped me to plan out what kind of lashes to use to create the natural effect that I want. 

I think having my own personalized lashes feels good and it really helped me in achieving the lashes that I want. 

Usually when I am doing eyelashes extension, I am really concern about the products they used. True Eyelash Beauty used items that are approved and all their beautician are well-trained from Taiwan!

This is really important for me to know since eyelashes extension involved my eyes which is part of my body + it's just best to know the store is using something that's certified. 

True Eyelash Beauty have different room cater for each customer to do their lashes! 

This is the final result of my eyelashes extension without putting on any eye makeup yet! I am really happy with the outcome cause it's so long and really looks good in real life + photo! This whole procedure took about 60 minutes, definetely worth the time and money! 

Say goodbye to short eyelashes! 

Quote " BIRDIELIAU " on your visit to True Eyelashes Extension to receive a 5% off on top of the existing discount. 

Head over to TRUE EYELASH BEAUTY now @ Bugis Cube #05-15. Follow their Instagram and Facebook for more update. Thank you for reading (: 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bridal Shoots

Hello! Can't believe I just wore different types of wedding gowns when I am just 19, it's like an amazing and lovely experience. Recently, I went to model for a Bridal & Photography company representing the Bridal plus the make up store. It's like I got scouted when I went to do my eyebrow at a beauty salon, so it's like a lucky chance. 

The photoshoot took place in a studio, the studio is quite pretty and looks really clean. The person provided small snacks and drinks for me in case I get thirsty or hungry during the photoshoot, I need to model for about 5 different gowns and in total it took about 5 hours to take about 600 photos. 

It's a very long process, the part to get my make up done by make up artist already took about 2-3 hours. Bridal make up looks absolutely different from everyday day-to-day makeup. And I have to get my hair fix and done up too, there's just like so much to do. 

The hardest part will be the one to think of different poses to do and getting the right feel. It's like how to do different poses for like 5 different outfits plus changing outfit is tiring too, bridal dresses will always be hard to change into. As far as I can remembers , there are lots of lace in a bridal gowns. 

During the photoshoot, I even faced problem like the dress was way too big for me so they had to use 2-3 clips to tighten my gown to make it fit. One of my favorite dress : this blue one on top, it's so sparkly and elegant. 

There are times when we need to use props like bouquet of flowers, sofas or ladder. Can't wait to receive the photos from the photographer so I can upload more on my Instagram. 

Throughout this photoshoot, the people there have been so kind and nice to me. Guiding me through the ways and even giving me ideas for poses when I am out of ideas, I was paid to model for this and its nevertheless a wonderful experience. Modeling might look easy as a pie but it's actually a job that require skill and training. 

So glad that I am given this chance to give modeling a try, it's definetely a great first timer experience as a bridal model! ❤️ 

Thank you for reading and it's cute that how some of you thought I was getting married! I am too young for marrying and stuff~~~ 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Little Mr & Mrs Teddy Trip

I am a mini-chili today! Wearing the red dress from BCBG, it's an one sided off shoulder dress. Red is the best color to be vibrant and eye-catching and definetely good for a change from my usual pale pastel color choice. 

Currently holding a giveaway for this dress on my Instagram. It's worth $395 , so do scope over to my Instagram @birdieliau to join the giveaway before it ends. 

The best part about the dress is this part, super floaty and have the angelic feel. Super love the café I go that have the lovely atmosphere and feel. 

Ate their meatball spaghetti and their seafood spaghetti, this café known as the D'Good Café. Doesn't have GST or service charges but you gotta carry the food to the table by yourself so that's like the meh point. 

Their spaghetti tasted pretty normal, personally will love it more if the taste is stronger and I think the café is more well known for coffee and toast so probably should head over soon to try them out. 

But the place is really pretty and lovely, so I absolutely had a wonderful time there exploring the little café. Finding the right place to take photos and all (: 

Won't have get to take nice photos if not for this Mr.teddy bear up there also known as my boyfriend. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Korean Food Date? 멍

Korean Food Date ❤️ , today's absolutely a whole day of delicious korean food. After starting school, I had a really stressful and hard time so we decided to have a foodie day together. What's on the menu today? KOREAN FOOD ❤️ : Spicy Octupus 

Had this at a newly open restaurant around Bukit Timah, this special dish cost around $40++ recommended by my boyfriend since he said it's very delicious and nice! This dish is kind of interesting cause it becomes more and more spicy as you eat more of it! 

But on a sidenote, the restaurant took almost an hour to cook it! So the waiting time was horrible since we are quite hungry. 

After dinner! It's dessert time~ can you guys guess what it's ? 민걸미 BingSul , Injulmi. It's very delicious, at first I am not expecting much from it since it looks quite plain and normal. 

In fact, it tasted so good!! Much better than the Oreo BingSul or other BingSul I had before. It's like peanuts, Mochi and some more powder nuts that taste so yummy! It's about $11.50 which is worth the price ❤️ 

Overall, it's a wonderful foodie day! For those who is having a stressful week or day, do head out for some yummy food, it'll help lift your mood for sure! 

Delicious Food A Day Keep The Stress At Bay. ❤️❤️❤️