Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cloud Face: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving guys! You know how sky blue items can just look so gorgeous and reminds you of pretty stuff like skies, sea and baby blue? That's what I thought when I saw this cute baby blue cloud soft toy, it's just so adorable and I gotta snap some photos with it. 

Went to staycation in MBS this week with my family to celebrate the thanksgiving, it's always fun to do that! It's even more fun now since the Christmas festive season is coming up, so there are Christmas decoration everywhere in Singapore! 

The High Tea in MBS is consider a so-so only, there's only limited selection of pastries and cakes but there are lots of wild berries so it's quite yummy! So it's more like a healthy eating than a high tea. 

Wore my off-shoulder top and checkered skirt around. Off-shoulder top always manage to give off more of the elegant and classy look, probably due to the design. This is one of my most favourite top ever. 

At night, we had our thanksgiving dinner over at the Rise Buffet Restaurant! With all the nice sashimi and amazing selection of food, the buffet even offered Turkey now though it's not even December yet. 

That's all for thanksgiving! How did you guys celebrated your thanksgiving ? (: 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Always on the run

This whole week has been so hectic, preparation for exam- photo-taking- going outside and meeting people. Among these tight schedules, my blog decided to fail on me! So I were like really frustrated~ there's this few days which my blog isn't working due to expiration of website builder so I have to repurchase it again. It's like on monthly basis of $8.99 so actually it's quite costly if I'm going to do it long-term so I'm currently hunting for free website builder since I already have my own domain. 

Anyone that know any free and good website builder, you can totally comment down below and recommend me! Do you guys faced these kind of frustrating situation too? Despite the hectic week, I feel quite blessed to be busy which means that at least I'm doing something productive in my life and not wasting it away. 

But being busy made me get hungry really easily like I just can't stop thinking about food all the time, food food food and more food please. 

One amazing thing to look forward to: 
Arrival of my new clothing tag I purchased online! It'll probably take 2-3 weeks to arrive and I'm so excited already, I haven't purchase any clothing for awhile and I finally did so I'll probably make a hauls video when it arrived ❤️❤️❤️ 

On the side note: Christmas is coming up really soon, are you guys excited ? 

Thank you for reading ❤️ do check out the video : worst buys of the year. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

19th Birthday Celebration

This year birthday celebration is just so cute and adorable, I celebrated with my family, friends and boyfriend. The initial celebration was the one with my family in which they take me on a cruise which can I already blogged about on my last few posts. Then after I'm back, I celebrated with some of my friends and I'm super happy that I get to spent time with them (: 

Today I'll be blogging about the actual day of celebration which I spent with my boyfriend. I'm super touched that he actually spent time and effort in planning for everything ~ 

So he actually came to my house early in the morning to pass the present to me, he bought this really cute cards and bracelet! Absolutely loving it because it's so cute. 

Then we went to Cineleisure to watch " Mocking Jay: Part 2" which is my favorite movie series. Then the most nerve-wrecking situation occurred, after the movie ended we walked to another shopping centre and the gifts were left forgotten in the cinema. So we gotten rushed back and retrieve the gifts, I was so nervous since I always lost gifts that other people give me. LUCKILY , we managed to retrieve it but it was like in the rubbish bag since the person nearly throw it away. PHEWWWW, babe if you're reading this : I'm ultra sorry. 

Next, we went to High Tea at the Salted Tapas Bar! He planned to bring me to the Anti.Dote but it was fully book on that day so we walked around outside and found this Bar that offer the high tea set. 

This set is like really adorable and cute, it looks like food on the soil but actually it's all chocolate even the rocks are made up of chocolates and we can even eat the flower! It's absolutely my favorite, super touched by the high tea part because he knew that I adored this kind of stuff and planned for this to happen on my birthday. ❤️❤️❤️

After finishing up on our high tea, we head off to the Marina Bay Sands for dinner! Wanted to have pizza over at Mozza for dinner but decided to eat steak and chicken breast over at Super Hero Café instead since I'm not really in the mood to eat pizza! 

The food over at Superhero Café is amazing, the last time I tried the snacks over there and it was so good but I didn't expect their main course to be so amazing as well! ❤️ after which , we head off to a Japanese bar to have sashimi and Japanese Beer for supper. Didn't really snap a photo there since the lighting is really bad. 

Then we ended off our day over at the 9th Floor Bar over at Bukit Timah with some nice beer and dart game which I lost badly. It was so amazing and I felt so good through the whole day so blessed that someone actually planned for my birthday, super grateful to have him in my life. ❤️

Once again, thank you babe for planning and doing everything for my birthday. ❤️ you're the most amazing, wonderful boyfriend ever. 

Thank you guys for reading too! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Langkawi Cruise

When you can't choose between wine, champagne or iced water ? Order all 3! Trying out their wine and champagne on board which taste not bad ❤️anyway, I went down the cruise when it arrived in Lamgkawi. It's like an island in Malaysia, we signed up for the island hopping package. So we get to hop around different islands in this mini speed boat ~

The mini speedboat was kind of like the best part about the whole island hopping! The speed, windy feel and seaside smell. It's amazing~ 

While the whole island hopping was kind of boring as we stayed on 3 islands (1 hour each) and all the island basically look the same and doesn't have much to do there! Plus I nearly get attack by a monkey which was so creepy 💔

But nevertheless the view was amazing and really pretty. ❤️ managed to take some photos here and there despite the crazy temperature of 31 degree~ 

This two photos are the funniest, I told my dad to help me take photos and not include his legs or shoes inside but both of them have his shoes so it's really hilarious. 

The environment around Langkawi reminds me of Phuket, Thailand. With the clear blue sea, the sea seems to be very clean. Too bad I left my bikini back at home >): 

Did some paddling over at one of the lake cost around $30 for two person! Pretty fun but I were really bothered by the sun since it's blazing hot and I can feel myself becoming darker as the second goes by. 

Overall the whole island hopping is a wonderful eye-opening experience but it's not really worth the price of USD79 per person. 💔 so think twice before you go on island hopping around Langkawi! 

Thank you for reading! 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Cruise: Day 1

Time for some mini holiday ❤️ went on a cruise with my family for my pre-birthday celebration. This cruise goes around different islands in Malaysia, it stopped by Kuala Lumpar and Langkawi. On the first day, I am just too busy snapping photos around the cruise since it has been awhile since I went on a cruise due to busy school terms and schedules. 

Stayed in the room with balcony view. ❤️ Really pretty and lovely to look at especially when it's by the sea. The cruise leave Singapore at 5pm ~~ after one hour it's dinner time! 

Starter + Main Course , the main course is the steak and I ordered the medium well but apparently the person gave me medium raw or raw ? Which I found super disgusting and gross, I absolutely hated it so the dinner was quite unpleasant. 💔💔 luckily the dessert was pretty good to make up for the disgusting main course. 

Interior of the cruise ❤️ ! The cruise consisted of : shopping area, gym, various restaurants, casinos, swimming pool, cinema, karoke, bars, clubs and arcade. 

So it's basically just endless amount of fun ❤️❤️❤️ but the downside is I don't have wifi or Internet access when I am cruising. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Black Heart

Black outfits, black heart & black day. This actually seems like a dress but this outfits is actually a two piece outfit. A black crop top and tight black skirt ❤️ definitely leaning more towards the solid colors instead of prints or designs since it's much easier to match it up. 

Black heart is the title of the post as everyone heart can be good, evil, cunning, nice or kind but we will never know because what they present out front doesn't always reflect what's inside of them. 

Recently faced with some people which make me a little confused but everything else is good now. 

Despite what happened, I am still glad that I have that few trusted circle of friends that I can count on in times of needs. If people want to stay in your life, they will try and find a place there. 

Nothing good ever come smoothly in life, a few bumps and bruises here and there is just a learning journey that will help me to see more clearly about such situation in the future. 

Some nice delicious Korean beef to sparkle your day! 

Thank you for reading (: