Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Minnie Style

Sponsored: DressV 

Decided to try out my new bow from H&M with my outfit, love the bow so much I'm almost wearing it everyday! Grey crop top with a black maxi skirt to go for a simple errand running day! The bunny bag was sponsored by DressV : http://www.dressv.com , super adorable and I absolutely love the design. It's in this fun size in which I can put my iPhone, money, cards etc or some small stuffs. 

I love carrying it around during outings and dates etc cause it's just so convenient and ain't very troublesome as compared to large handbags in which my shoulder gets tired after a few hours! Another point I love about the bag will be that it's in this pale pink shade, I think it's weird but I don't really owe anything in pink color so it's a good change! 

What do you think about the outfit? (: do head over to : http://www.dressv.com for this cute bunny bag and check out all their amazing items! 

Thank you for reading (: ! 

Monday, September 29, 2014


Went shopping for accessories! Been ages since I last shop for accessories or iphone stuff cause I have been too caught up with clothes, shoes! I saw this 2 items at H&M , the iPhone sticker is just so adorable and in this ombré rainbow colors and it only cost like SGD 2.90. 

The polka dots ribbon clips totally remind me of Minnie Mouse, I rarely have girly accessories cause it's just not my style. But I have decided to go for a change, polka dot is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to try it out. 

Went out with my girls to celebrate Hannah's birthday, so nice to meet up with them especially now that everyone are busy preparing for exams. Good to catch up, gossip with them and tell them stuff! We had soup spoon, Korean cuisine tasted not bad but I prefer the original style instead. 

That's my outfit of the day, skinny jeans with a simple never coast crop top. Super simple but with a slight edginess to it. Super comfortable for a long day! 

Thank you for reading (: have a lovely day ahead of you! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Get your hands dirty

Like I promised, I'm back with an outfit post! The weather was super hot recently so I lean more towards long sleeves shirt and jeans to prevent sun exposure. But yesterday there's a need for denim shorts so I'm leave with no choice, I really dislike wearing shorts for super sunny weather cause it'll result in uneven tanned. 

Like 3/4 of my body will be tanned but the 1/4 will look awkward and out of place. 

I pair this outfit with another apparels the other day, the skirt. It created an entirely different look which makes matching apparels an important aspect to look into! I think this white top will be the best apparel that I ever invested in cause it can be easily match with other clothing. 

Found one of this cute little things while I was shopping, it's like fluffy soft toy that I can make by myself! Part of DIY, which is related to my title " Get my hands dirty" . I'll be trying to make this cause it's just so adorable and I can chose the design I want to make. 

I'll either be googling on how to do this or take up classes which cost SGD 20 per class. If I know how to do this, I'll make a "How to do" blogpost about this so you guys don't have to spend money to learn it! I'm aiming to do a little panda, cat or hamster during the DIY! Do stay tuned (: 

Thank you for reading! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Never get enough of Bracelet ?

Sponsored by : http://www.dressv.com/ 

Rocking my new accessories in my outfit, gotten this lovely set of bracelet from DressV . It comes in a set of 9 different style bracelet, really love accessories like this! DressV let me handpick my own items, I chose this set of bracelet, a bunny bag and another backpack which I'll review in the next few post. 

I love how elegant the bracelet look, the color matches really well and it's in my favorite color : white. My favorite among this set will be the lovely bow shape and the pearl bracelet. Do head over to : http://www.dressv.com/ to get yours now. 

DressV ship overseas too and it specialize in selling dress for different occasions: wedding dress, prom dress, accessories etc. Their services are really fast, prompt replies from their person in charge and they uses registered mail for their delivery which allows me to check the mailing status which is an important part in online shopping cause I have met with cases in which items were lost during delivery and it's just nerve-wrecking. 

Have you buy anything from 
http://www.dressv.com/ before ? (: do let me know! And do stay tuned for the next few updates about their bags! 

Thank you for reading! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All about contact lens

Hi! Today I'll be talking about my contact lens experience and a Halloween Contact Lens Special Voucher Code at the end of the post! Do read till the end to find out the surprise gift~ 

So I started wearing contact lens when I was 15 years old so it's about 2& almost 3 years already. I have learned so much about contact lens since I started, personally I very much prefer color contact lens and circle lens that makes the eyes look bigger and if I'm tired of one color I can always change to another color. 

I have been using the monthly contact lens from various brands, it's very easy to care for contact lens. I just have to clean the contact lens with solution every night and do the same for every other day. 

I remembered how I struggled with putting in the contact lens when I first started, no matter how many tutorials or instruction guide I followed I just can't put it in. So the best advice I can give will be that: 

It just gets better with practice, you might start with using 30 minutes to put it in but gradually it'll just be 1/2 minutes! 

PinkyParadise, an online website that specialize in selling contact lens from different brands. The perfect platform to get your perfect pair of contact lens at an affordable price, to celebrate Halloween this year. 

PinkyParadise is collaborating with me to give my readers a 50% off their purchase with this coupon code "Halloween2014birdieliau" . This coupon is valid from 26th September till 3rd October. This code can only be use on yearly lens (except for phantasee and toric lenses) 

So do head over to : http://www.pinkyparadise.com/ to find out more and don't forget the coupon code is : Halloween2014birdieliau 

And do look out for my next few post, I'll be doing a reviews about PinkyParadise Contact lens that I have specially pick for the upcoming Halloween season. 

Thank you for reading! (: 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Award Award Ceremony

This lovely blog space here won a few awards, I'm nominated by : petitemaisonoffashion for the Sunflower Blog Award, Best Blog, Este Blog, Liebster Award and Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. Thank you for the nomination and the award (: 

So along with the awards, it comes a few questions. There are 11 question that I'm supposed to answer, so read till the end to find out more.

#1) What song did you last listen to? 
- Rude Magic, one of my favorite for now! 

#2) Audrey Hepburn / Kate Moss? 
- Kate Moss 

#3) What Fashion Magazine do I subscribe to? 
- None. I'm more of a google for fashion inspiration type or digging my closet for ideas. 

#4) Facebook / Twitter ? 
- I'm not a big user for either of them, so I can't really chose but if I really have to chose. It'll be Facebook? 

#5) What teenage blogger style between the age or 14-19 years old do I admire the most? 
- I think all of the teenage blogger have different style so I can't put my judgement down on which do I prefer. But almost all that I am reading are pretty good (: 

#6) Bubblegum Pink/ Lilac Hair? 
- I'll go with Lilac hair since I tried bubblegum pink hair before. 

#7) What was the first blog you started reading ? 
- Song Dani's Blog. 

#8) A movie recommendation? 
- For now, it'll be The Maze Runner but my all time recommendation will be Twilight or Hungergame. 

#9) For what brand's fashion show would you like to go? 
- Prada 

#10) What's your favorite drink? 
- Green Tea 

#11) What store did you recently find? 
- DressV which I'll be talking about on my upcoming post. 

Thanks for the nomination : 
petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com , it's really sweet of you to nominate me for all the awards & thank you for reading till the end! 

On my upcoming post, I'll be talking about the sponsored items from dressV their bags, accessories are really gorgeous. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Color Pop

Matching the pastel color pants and polka dot crop top for the day for the outdoor cycling day. Decided to go for something casual so that cycling will be easy and not be a hinder. 

Decided to go cycling around East Coast Park on a Monday, I think actually cycling around weekday is perfect cause there are not many people around so it's less noisy and the place is also less crowded with the perfect scenary to enjoy. East Coast Park bike rental also have a 1 hour free 1 hour promotion on a weekday. It's also healthy to workout a little with biking~ 

Other than biking, we also went there to picnic. We cooked the food beforehand and bring it there, what's on the menu: 

#1 : Breakfast Mash consist of: 
- Ham, Eggs, Sausages, Crabmeat 

#2 : Healthy Fruity Boost 
- Strawberry, Apple, Banana 

#3 : Bread Lover 
- Fried Bread with eggs 

We managed to finish 3/4 of it and my favorite dish will be the Healthy Fruity Boost but nevertheless it's super fun to picnic there to enjoy the wind and take in all the nice scenery! Totally the best way to start off my Monday. 

Thank you for reading (: 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Angelic x Halo

I'm going to talk about free but fun date later on in the post for now let's talk about my outfit, do stay tuned. 

Lacey white top with a little see through effect, perfect pieces for the hot and sunny weather. White x White will never get old and it can be interesting to try out differen combination. People might think that white x white will always create the same feel or same design but in actual facts, it's different every time by trying out different top or bottom or even the accessories / shoes. 

My favorite part of this whole outfit will be the white skirt cause it's like skirt with shorts so I can run around freely as if I'm wearing a shorts and still look feminine with the skirt. 

So let's talk about the free and fun date, at first we wanted to go the Science Centre but by the time we finish our meal it's already 5pm and the Science Centre closes at 6pm so we decided to explore around Science Centre. 

Around the science centre, there are lots of free and fun activities to do like the swing, balancing stuff, equations to solve, echoing thing. It's like totally fun to try every single thing there, it's like a scientific playground! 

I think it'll be a fun dating place to go with your boyfriend for a play date! 

I look so tiny inside this photo! 

A cute photo to end off the post, thank you for reading (: 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Checkered Shirt

The weather has been unbearable recently, super hot but it isn't really sunny so I picked out something simple for the day. Matching denim shorts with white top will never goes wrong, since I'll be shopping in Orchard that's why I'm wearing the checkered jacket so I won't turn into a snowman while shopping since the air condition can be a little too cold at times. 

Also comfortable will be the key point to note while shopping, another reason why I decided to pick this sneaker to accompany me throughout the day. It gives me a little extra height boost and it's still comfortable when I walk around a lot. Sometimes I just can't with heels, after awhile my feet will be so painful or ended up with blister: totally not the perfect sight for a shopping trip. 

Astons! It's been awhile since I last went there for dinner and yesterday I had the chance to have Astons with my friend (: , we went to the one located at scape! Luckily we went there at the off-peak hours so no waiting was required, ordered the black pepper chicken! Super delicious and it's only SGD 8.90 with 2 side dishes. Perfect dining place for student~ 

Thank you for reading (: ! Have a nice day~

Sponsored: Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

Sponsored: SampleStore & Biore 

SGD: $18.90 

This is such a life saver for me! I was just about to run out of make up remover and taadaaa Biore to the rescue, thank you SampleStore for sponsoring me this product! 

Firstly, I always like Biore design. It's in this shade of pink that just look so appealing. Secondly, it's quite a big bottle of it so it can probably last around 1-2 months! 

This Biore Cleansing Water have great features that must not be overlook, it's super refreshing and light weighted that actually removes make up in one wipe! For me, I think it's super important cause after a long day I'm super lazy to remove make up and by being able to remove make up in one wipe it save me time and give me more time to rest! 

After I used the make up remover, it doesn't feel sticky and I can feel that my skin is thoroughly clean. 

Just thought to share some important point about this cleansing water which contains: 

1) Watery Micellar Technology, which is the ability to dissolve and lifts make up including mascara and eyeliner. 

2) Natural Mineral Water from Northern Japanese Alps, to create this gentle and smoothe cleansing water to make sure it doesn't do harm to the skin. 

3) Enriched Collagen & White Tea Extract, to allow user to have brighter and softer skin! 

4) Anti- Bacterial Formulas, to prevent breakouts and acne! Super important point to note (: 

How did I use the cleansing water? 

I just basically pump the cleansing water onto cotton pad, with soaked cotton pad I wipe it across the make up and the best part is no rinsing is required! 

As for my eye makeup, I just hold the soak cotton pad onto my eyes for 5 second before gently wiping it off. Super easy and fuss free make up remover process (: 

If you're interested in getting this amazing Biore Micellar Cleansing Water, do head over to any pharmacies, supermarket, hypermarket or any major departmental store for one now! 

Thank you for reading the post (: 

Monday, September 15, 2014


It has been ages since I last wore the starry outerwear, miss it so much! It's so adorable and never once I regretted getting it. Have been wearing the beach sandals recently cause I gotten blister from wearing heels but it's still as comfortable! Giving my feet a break from all the heels and platform. 

Anyway I went to try the Cold Noodle 냉면 today at Manbok cause I have got sudden cravings for cold food! It was super delicious even though I was skeptical about it at first cause there's vinegar and some mustard sauce inside the cold noodle then I'm not really a big fans of any sauces. 

It turned out to be good like it's an upgrade of Japanese Soba, much colder and taste nicer! Also the Cold Noodle price at Manbok is totally affordable, SGD 10 for a bowl during lunch time! Will definitely go there often since it's near my house.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Caught In Action + BlogSkin

Top: BraceletCandy 
Skirt: Berksha 
Shoes: Blogshop 
Bag: Prada 

Trying for a more conservative style which is really different from my usual dressing style. I think it's really something nice for a change, the top is from http://braceletcandy.tictail.com or you can get it at carousell - @braceletcandy . 

For me I think this Fall season needs more colors to brighten up everything that's the reason I chose the floral skirt with multiple colors. The bandage skirt is like the best to go out with, won't hitch up and won't fly like crazy when there are big wind. 

I have this BlogSkin for awhile now, I'm thinking of changing the BlogSkin and probably change it to .com instead of .blogspot.com . But I have no idea where to get good BlogSkin or find a good BlogSkin designer. If you guys know anywhere to get good BlogSkin do let me know (: 

Decided to make a big makeover for my blog. Do stay tuned~ 

Thank you for reading my blog (: