Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sephora Event

Hey guys! So for the past few days, I have been busy attending events hosted by Sephora. The first event that I attended was the Sunday Brunch with the NudeStix Founder, so I get to meet this two young gorgerous founders from NudeStix over brunch at House at Dempsey, they are super friendly and welcoming. 

The ambience at the café was perfect too, not the mention the food the café serve there is simply delicious. Over this brunch event, I get to know more about NudeStix (a new brand coming to Singapore, Sephora) - their origin, different products. 

We ordered 4 different types of fries and I get myself a pancake since I'm always in the mood for some nice dessert. For drinks to go along with the main, I get myself a fruit juice which I finished in the first hour and later get myself an ice green tea. 

The unbelievable thing is that the ice tea come in a pot, super adorable. So the NudeStix event was super fun, get to know some new people and mingle around! This definitely help me step out of my comfort zone and is a great experience. 

I'll do a review of their NudeStix in a separate blogpost since there are quite a few things to cover. 

Next: Sephora Fall Event 

The Sephora Fall Event 2016, is to welcome all the brands that have new products planned for the upcoming Fall. It was super fun exploring around, meeting different founders and get to know in detail about how each product works. It's like a priceless experience, it's just amazing to try out new products! 

There are so many brands there : 3CE, Moonshoot, StyleNanda, Dr Jart, Hair Styling, IT cosmetic and many more others. 

I guess today is my lucky day! I was given 2 big goodies bag of products from Sephora to try out for their Fall Season! So I got to call a cab in order to get home. 

There are like over 2kg worth of make up, beauty, skin care and hair care products inside! I just can't wait to review everything and show it to you guys, this is going to be so exciting. 

So that's all for my update! See you guys in the next post. 

Thank you for reading (: 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Future Plans

"I am not a little kid now"

Can't believe I am graduating in a year time, only 10 months left till I finish my degree. For those of you who doesn't know, I am currently studying Business & Management in University Of Bradford. It has been a fun 2 years of studying, rushing for assignment and well meeting amazing classmates. So it's probably time for me to start thinking of my future, like what I wanna do after I graduate and what kind of places I wanna end up in? 

It so scary to think about the future when I am only 19 turning 20, it's like I am finally gonna enter into society and be a real adult. But I guess everyone go through this phase in life, venturing into the unknown. This make me think of when I am 6/7 years old when my parent bought me to school on my first day of kinder-garden, it must be nerve-wrecking but I guess I don't feel anything then. 

I guess when we are younger, we are braver. There's no such thing as "fear". 

What I have in mind for my future, is basically to have fun and do everything on my bucket-list, travelling to exotic places where I have never been. I don't want to conform to the normal routine of life if I have the chance to because life is too short to waste, 20 years old is the age where you try new things and learn from mistake. 

Maybe I might even go overseas to complete my Master Degree, at the same time exploring new places and experience independence the feeling of living alone. It is empowering and scary to think of it. But I can totally imagine the fun in doing that, a whole new place, a new identity, a new life. 

Future can be filled with full of possibilities, it all depends on the choices you made in life which determine where you end up in the future. I wish I can make wise choices that I can look back in 50-60 years, to not regret anything and smile when I think about the past. 

Here's to a better future for all of us, thank you for reading.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Irresistible Me Review

I'm happy to collaborate with Irrestible Me, a website that specialized in selling hair extensions and other hair products which include hair tools, hair care and accessories. I decided to get their Serena Hair Band and Liquid Gold Shampoo.
Website: Irresistible Me
This pretty floral hairband known as the Serena Hair Band reminds me of the gossip girl drama series, it's super adorable and absolutely a classic piece to wear for date especially since it's summer! There are other hairband on the website as well and one of them caught my eyes because of the unique name of " Blair Hair Band" .
Hairband: HairBand

Caring for my damaged hair is high up on my to-do list since I often dyed and change my hair color, so choosing the right shampoo for my hair is absolutely important. I decided to try out their Liquid Gold Shampoo because the name sounds convincing and just like the name the shampoo is amazing, honestly speaking I have super dry and frizzy hair so usually after I shampoo my hair- my hair will feel like a dying grass.

But after using this shampoo , my hair doesn't feel so dead and it actually help to bring back some moisture to my hair. Not to mention, the shampoo smell so good! It make my hair smell like fresh flower after washing them, definitely giving my hair a good wash before I head out on a date.

Do check it out : Liquid Gold Shampoo

I am absolutely loving all my products that I gotten from there! It's such a wonderful experience to work with Irresistible Me, it has given me the chance to try out an interesting shampoo and the shampoo is definetely irresistible.  
Thank you for reading. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Father's Day is coming up really soon, which falls on the 19th June 2016 for this year. Let's talk about celebration, when I was a child I really love celebrating literally every and anything. Every event holds a dear place in my heart, I'll always be so excited making my own DIY gift for my family, friends and relatives to shower them with my love and showcase my talents. 

But as I grow older as the years goes by, I start neglecting celebration and kind of grow tired of celebrating anything. Celebration slowly become bothersome, for a period of time I find it difficult to find nice gifts or even spend time for it. But then I realized that celebration is not just about gifts or anything, it's about spending quality time with the person you cared about and giving the best you can. 

It's not just about that one special day where you celebrate birthday, events or anything for the person. It's about how you treat the person the whole time while you guys are together that matter. But that special day is important as well, it's to give thanks and show love to the person you care about. So let's take this Father's Day and spend some quality time with your family and dad! 

Here's to all the dads out there in the world! Happy Father's Day! 

Thank you for reading. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sparkle Up Your Eyes W Lensflavor

Lensflavor is literally a lens paradise for girls like me that love to wear contact lens for special occasion or for a day-to-day basis to sparkle up your eyes. Lensflavor sell multiple brands of contact lens, I gotten one from G&G in their Gossip Grey color ($28.90) . They have other special brands as well like the: Geo , Super Pinky, Venus Eyes.

Find out more: G&G Gossip Grey Circle Lens 

My contact lens is this grey lens with the outer corner appearing a little darker then the inner which make the eyes pop and look bigger. It's perfect for any occasion and even cos-play event. 

This is a yearly lens which means you can wear the lens for a whole year, it's perfect for people who doesn't like to re-purchase lenses often and even for people that always want to switch around different color lenses throughout the year. This can absolutely help to save on some costs for contact lens!

It comes with a free contact lens case, mine was the blue design which look pretty adorable! Lensflavor is also generous enough to put some hair accessories as their free gift as well, so it literally feels like getting 2 items for free just simply by purchasing lenses from there. 

It's absolutely the perfect lens for me to wear during my photoshoot event, video-making and date night out. I am absolutely loving the pair of lens right now, so do check out their website to find out more.
Thank you for reading. 

Find out more: LensFlavors

Friday, June 10, 2016

Black x Black x Black

Black x Black x Black 

Woke up today feeling extra happy because I'm finally having my one week study break which means I don't have to attend lectures for a whole week, finally have some time to rest- play- enjoy without worrying about waking up early to attend school. 

The whole of last week is full of doing assignment, attending lectures, photo shoots  and trying to find time to play in between those busy moments. This are some of the photos that I took during photoshoot last week: 

The last time I wore a backpack to school was during my high school, after entering university I lean more towards using handbags and just clutch instead of backpack since I found it a bit burdensome and I don't have to carry much textbook around. But I'm still absolutely loving my black studded MCM, it look so adorable and can almost fit everything inside. 

I usually carry it around when I am traveling overseas, just one downside to it is that it just can't seems to fit my laptop in the bag. 

It always good to keep myself busy doing stuff during time of confusion, at least I don't have to think too much about anything and don't have to decide what to do for now. 

For now, I'll just keep myself going. Doing what I love to do and go with the flow of life ~ 

Thank you for reading! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

To Control Or To Let Go?

There are so many things in life that we can't control: love, feelings, destiny and the unknowns. I was once burdened by everything because I like to be in control, I like to control what I couldn't control. I thought I was having it all, I thought having a grip of everything is making me happy but slowly I realized that it's the thing that's killing me. 

Once I lost control or when I can't control the situation, I get stressed out- overthink the worst kind of scenarios and create unnecessary problems. It's a vicious cycle of being trapped in the power of control. 

After facing so many problems from " control" I decided to just let go and follow the flows of life. I am happier now, whatever happened happens and I just got to move on and accept whatever outcome the situation presented. Having " control " is just a fake feeling of " I have got everything in charge " but actually nothing is ever in place, things are every-changing. There's no real control until we let go and embrace life. 

It obviously took me very long to reach here but here's to my readers out there that's facing the same situation, don't give up on yourself. 

Whenever you want to try to control something, try to take deep breath and let the situation go off for a few days and think about whether it's worth the control. Give some trust to the situation, the people and have a little faith in yourself. It might seems really hard at first but everything will be better once you just let go and be free. 

Thank you for reading! Here's to a better week ahead 💕

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How I Started Blogging?

Doing something that you love will be something that you'll never get bored at, I can't help but to agree with this. I have been blogging for over 3 years and more now and I'm absolutely loving all parts of it, I have never regret taking up blogging as a hobby. 

It's because blogging about fashion, beauty and traveling stuff is my passion, my drive and it leads me into unlocking lots of opportunities in my life. Blogging help me discovered who I truly am, what kind of stuffs I enjoy doing and it help me to explore fashions and improve myself. 

I started blogging when I'm 17, at that age I was a girl that just graduated from high school. I was so eager to enter into my university life, I didn't really know how to dress up or make up back then. After started blogging, I learn a thing or two about fashion and have some try and errors for like 1-2 years and finally found the fashion style that I like. 

Then from blogging, I discovered the fun in using Instagram. I started taking better photos, with different outfits and from there I discovered many new places as well. It's more than just outfits or photos, for me it's the fun that I have while taking them and blogging about it. It's like taking down all the wonderful memories of my growth and development as a young women. 

I also land myself some opportunities to collaborate with brands, attend events, do photo shoots and meet so many different people that allow me to know more about the world. I won't have gotten all these chances if I didn't do what I'm passionate about. 

And honestly, I started blogging without thinking about achieving any of that. I just wanted to share about clothes that I love to wear, how to style different pieces and some make up techniques here and there. But I'm really grateful about all the opportunities that I have gotten along the way, it also helped me in sharing about things that I like with my readers and connect with you guys. 

It's very different to be doing something that you're passionate about and doing something just to achieve something, if you're passionate about doing what you love - you'll always be so motivated to learn, explore and get knowledges from all the failures. If it's just about achieving goals, then it won't be as fun but it'll still take you there with determination. 

The whole point of this is : don't forget your passion, your drive and use that as your motivation and turn that into determination. I'm sure, one day someday it'll lead you somewhere. Keep doing what you are doing and shine~