Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Catching the sunset : Marina Bay Sands

Hey! This week have been a relaxing week of just going school and exploring around Singapore, so I have more time to blog and edit my videos. I realized that blogging with laptop is way easier than blogging with my phone since my thoughts flow more freely and naturally which help me complete the post faster. 

For my date, I wore the PARIS shirt x stripes skirt for a simple casual look along with my grey sneaker since I walked so much that day around 15000 steps which I tracked using my IPhone, I am always so curious to how active I am throughout the day. It is definetely an app that can help anyone to be healthier ~ 

I don't know if you have notice but I have been bringing around a folded fan around due to the insane weather that's only getting hotter and hotter as the days goes by. Folded fan definetely keep the sweat and my temper in check, I am not really a hot weather kind of person. Bad weather can literally makes me boil! So, I treat the folded fan as my fashion pieces now that add some style to my whole outfit. 

 I guess the " hide my face " look is pretty popular in some people feed to keep the mysterious air around so I decided to try out this style of photo and surprisingly it turned out great but I am still not buying it. It's way too mysterious for my taste.  

 Can't believe we managed to capture this amazing view and photos in under 5 minutes, it's nearing the end of the sunset and we managed to catch the golden light. There's just something magical about sunset and beautiful buildings. 

 That's all for my post today, hope you guys enjoy the little read. xx 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Grey Slit Cut Top

Hello guys! As I mentioned earlier, I am gonna put more time and commitment to my blog so I am back with a Fashion Post. Today I am featuring the Grey Slit Top, which will be the first time I am wearing a mid length slit top at first when I receive the item I am like " Ugh oh, how am I gonna style it- it seems like nothing like I ever wore before and it's definetely a little bit different from my usual style" but luckily I managed to crack my brains to come up with the idea of pairing white shorts with the grey top along with some cap which seems to look alright. 

I am definetely loving all the Grey colors apparels recently, it just look so calming and such a lovely neutral color. Something different from the usual black x white x blue, so I have another favorite color adding to my closet. I recently just purchased one of the grey sneaker to try it out and I am absolutely loving it. You will probably see more of the grey sneaker photos in my upcoming post or in my Youtube Channel in all my styling video. 

Since I have been doing styling video for awhile now, I definetely find that styling video is easier to produce and make as compared to blogpost since it doesn't need to be express with words but nevertheless I am not gonna abandoned this tiny space here because this is where I started, this tiny blog is where I have grown with all my readers. 

So it's gonna be pretty interesting to vlog and blog occasionally now! So how do you find my grey slit cut out top? Yay or meh? 

Thank you for reading, below is a styling video which you can check it out to see my Autumn Style Diary. x 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ultra Music Festival Singapore Experience

Ultra Singapore was super lit! Went for 2 days of amazing Ultra experience on the 9th and 10th September, I flew back from Hong Kong to Singapore and arrived at about 7pm so I managed to rush to the venue at about 8pm and played for 2 hours++ on the first day! Bae got us the Premium General Admission tickets so the queue and everything was manageable, it was so fun dancing around with thousands of people to music and songs that we love.  

The beer there costs about $10 per can and the mineral water costs about $5 each. We can't bring any bottle or drinks inside the venue so we pretty much spent around $200-$300 on basically drinks which can be pretty pricey, we didn't get any food there since I am too high from all the drinks to even feel hungry. 

The first day of Ultra ended for us quite quickly but we managed to have so much fun and we were just so excited for day 2, even though it was only two short hours but our legs feel a little sore from all the jumping, dancing and walking around. 

#OOTD for Day 2 Ultra, we arrived at about 3pm after having lunch at Genki in Chinatown. Some sushi before all the fun, the weather was great! No more rain = no more muddy shoes but it did get a little bit humid and hot around 4-6 pm luckily I managed to bought a folded fan around to keep myself cool. You won't believe how everyone can still party and get high under the heat, it was insanely amazing. 

So the whole day we listen to all the amazing DJ played live, like DJ Marshmallow, DJ Kygo, DJ Axwell and many more amazing artists. Everyone was super high especially when the "Stole the show" set was played, I never knew going for music festival can be so amazing.  

We party till the very last minute, sadly the whole ultra music festival experience ended at 10:30 pm which was super early. Definitely a bummer but it was super great and one in a lifetime experience, totally going for more music festival in the future. We went to get some nice Korean BBQ after the whole thing ended and I still can't believe that it's over! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hong Kong

Took this on the flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong, the view up there just look so beautiful and unreal. Literally, a paradise. I spent 2 days in Hong Kong before flying back to Singapore for Ultra Music Festival. The 2 days in HK was very well-spent eating their local foods, sight-seeing at various locations. It's not my first time visiting Hong Kong, so I didn't need to rush and visit all the popular location. 

We took the cable car to the mountain area with the Big Budda, it was a little rainy so we had to wait for 30-45 minutes before boarding the cable car due to the storm. But when we were up there, the weather is really good and the view is very stunning. 

Rainy Cable Car experience is definetely suddenly new. Foggy and unclear, in the midst of being lost and found. 

There are different wall arts up there to be taken and even wishing tree that look so adorable. It remind me of when I was a kid, I believe in all this kind of stuff. 

The view from my hotel was really gorgeous, the direct view to the city so it become a beautiful night city lights when the sun goes down. An outlook to the transformation of the bustling city. 

So that's sums up my Shanghai x Hong Kong 7 days trip! (: it's super upbeat, fun and exciting. Luckily I managed to rushed back at about 8pm, just in time for the last few gigs for Ultra Music Festival. Which I'll be updating on my blog for my next update ~ 

Thank you for reading. x 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Shanghai Day 3 and 4

Day 3: Decided to try out their train services because the traffic seems to be just so congested there. We took the train to the " Seven Treasure" , to sight-see their ancient heritage and try out their local food. It took about 20-30 minutes to go there via train, the weather is getting so much better dropping around 22-25 degree which make it so much windy and tolerable. 

It's like one whole stretch of street with all the local goodies, snacks, candies and restaurants. I just love places like this, with so much feel to it. 

Then we have lunch at their local popular restaurant, luckily the queue was pretty short. 

This is the vegetable soups with white cabbage, fish ball, pork belly, fish skin and some veggie ball. It tasted super great and homely, just the downside was that the fishball have fish bone in it which was quite scary. 

After which, I bought one of the yogurt drink which taste so good. It's super cooling and refreshing, the bottle is in glass which make it look quite elegant. 

Then we went to Xin Tian Di to have dessert, Haagen-Dazs is pretty popular here. Xin Tian Di, is like the town area of Shanghai with buildings that look like its originated from Europe and there are just so many different caf├ęs there. But if you're going there for high tea be prepared to burn a hole in your pocket, Coca Cola there cost about $7-$8. The high tea there is roughly more expensive than usual. 

I had the yummy fruity rainbow cake and another fruity cake there, it tasted great. 

The next day, we visited the Shanghai Museum to see all them artifacts which is quite interesting that all the stuffs can last from B.C till now and it manage to be preserve till now. 

The botanic garden of Shanghai looks really clean and adorable. I just love the atmosphere there, super chill and relaxing. 

Then we had the Dim Sum for lunch, with  adorable food. I don't usually eat dim sum due to the taste but the piglet bun taste really yummy with the butter and cheese, so I really enjoyed my lunch. 

Dinner: Personal Steamboat

The concept here is really cool, everyone have to order their own pot of steamboat and all the side dishes to be put inside. So I think it's really hygienic and it taste really good. 

So that's all for my day 3 and 4 in Shanghai! (: will be updating about my trip in Hong Kong soon. Do keep a look out for it ~ 

Thank you for reading.